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  1. XD Subcompact .40 S&W

    For those of you that have them I am wondering if it is managable for one hand weak hand shooting (I know it depends of each person) or is it a little much for that small of a pistol. Also how far down do you have to have the grip safety to activate it, I am worried of when I need it to go bang I might not be able to get the grip safety to activate.

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    The XDsc .40 is my carry gun and I love it. No problem with single hand operation and I've never had a problem with the grip safety. I think this gun is the perfect compromise between concealability and power!

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    I will be using my XD40 SC for conceal carry and absolutely love it! I have not tried firing it with my weak hand (left) yet...I think I will give that a try when I get back to the range. The gun is very manageable with single handed firing though.

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