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View Poll Results: What Is Your Preferred Firearm Finish?

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  • Blued

    35 32.71%
  • Stainless

    44 41.12%
  • OD Green

    1 0.93%
  • Tenifer

    12 11.21%
  • Parkerized

    6 5.61%
  • Powder Coat

    2 1.87%
  • Robar NP3

    1 0.93%
  • Duracoat

    6 5.61%
  • Chrome

    3 2.80%
  • Hard Chrome

    3 2.80%
  • Melonite

    2 1.87%
  • Nickel Plating

    2 1.87%
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Thread: What's your finish preference?

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    Hmmmm.......what DO I prefer.....oh yeah, here it is:

    + my Ruger .357 Security Six (not pictured)

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    I not sure if other brands use it but how about sa's Teflon armory kote?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NMHunter View Post
    Sorry to disappoint you. Sig has only had stainless guns for the last 30+ years. Take a look at the slide and you will see the word "STAINLESS" in small letters. The frame is aluminum.

    I carry both depending on which gun I pick for that day. The blue just require a little more care, especially in Summer.
    Not sure why you said "sorry to disappoint you", I am very aware that Sig makes stainless, I was just saying mine have always been blued. :) I do think the stainless is a very sharp look. Less chance (to no chance) of holster wear.

    I live in AZ where corrosion is not really an issue, but I think I might choose stainless as a strong contender for my next weapon.

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    Tenifer, with a nice black phosphate coating on top.

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    The "Sorry" is because your blue gun is stainless.

  7. You need one more option on the poll.

    Don't care, no preference.

    I don't really have a favorite finish. I own nickel, blue, stainless, parkerized, annodized, case hardened and chrome guns. I ain't picky about what the finish is. If I don't like it, I have no problem changing it.

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    I have both, really 3, stainless, blued, and tenifer, so I really don't have a preferance

  9. Wink

    Prefer Stainless Steel 3 pistols to 2 Blue pistols.

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    Blackened stainless. I like the finish SIG uses, whatever they call it.
    - enfield

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    What? No nickel plating? Sheesh.

    And no, that's not chrome or hard chrome, it's POLISHED NICKEL plating. :) At least that's what it says on the case it came in. :D Thank you Rock Island Armory/Armscor.
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