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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowjiber View Post
    I've carried a S&W titanium, J-frame, 38spl +P for years. S&W no longer manufactures it in titanium anymore, opting for the scandium/ti combination instead...likely because the cost of titanium became a real issue a few years ago. It's hardly a target pistol, but at seven yards, it's awesome.

    My wife carries the Ruger SP-101 .357mag (2.25" barrel), stainless...very nice gun. If you opt for this model, I recommend changing out the trigger spring, as Ruger revolvers have a heavy pull. A spring kit with two lighter springs costs about $20 from Ruger and is a snap to install.

    Like others above, I fail to see a connection between personal defense CC weapons and accuracy beyond the classical seven yards. If, God forbid, you were to engage a bad guy at 15-20 yards, there is a strong likelihood that you might face a prosecutor who disagreed with your decision to use deadly force.

    I have a .22 Ruger Mark III that will drive tacks at 20 yards and is cheap to shoot. You can have a lot of range fun with something like that.
    I also carry a S&W 342ti and it's a great gun! Super light weight!

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    ALL good points. I CC a Taurus Mod 64B loaded with 357 Mags. This weapon comes with Factory Pachmayer Grips. At times I will load with .38 +P's if I'm CC'ing my 45 so my wife can handle more comfortably at home. Priced at about $ 500.00. S&W's will be about a third more but better resale, COLT are double the price.

    Your choice of weapons depends on a lot of factors. Other then the basics, your size/build/hand size. Your ability to shoot accurately with the least amount of discomfort should be the deciding factor. 38+P's will give you good knock down and wad cutters are cheap on the range. I personally keep semi jacketed magnums if I CC this weapon. Pricey but haven't had to expend one yet, thank God. ALWAYS load for the worse and practice with those loads as well.
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    Take a look at the Charter Arms Bulldog Pug, .44 SPL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Echo_Four View Post
    Saying that you don't need a gun that accurate beyond 7 yards may quite possibly be the most asinine comment I've read on any forum at any time.

    It is true that most of the time you won't need a weapon out beyond 7 yards. But, if we go by the law of averages, chances are you won't need the gun in the first place. Since we tend to look out for the things that are less likely to happen, why limit yourself in this instance? Active shooter at the shopping mall? Active shooter in your church? Both have happened in the not so distant past, and both are times when being able to touch someone beyond 7 yards would be important.

    And, almost as importantly- if the gun cannot be accurate beyond 7 yards it is a piece of junk. I wouldn't trust the danged thing not to blow up on me. But, when I read things like this I usually suspect that it isn't the gun that isn't accurate beyond 7 yards, more than likely it is that the shooter isn't able to hit beyond that range, and then likes to hide behind comments about a DA coming after you if you shoot from beyond that range as an excuse not to learn to be better.
    Obviously, you are far more knowledgeable than I am concerning concealed carry weapons. I'm sure the rest of the forum members will ignore my comments from now on, as you are the expert. HUH?

    As a matter of discussion, it surprises me that any manufacturer even bothers to make short-barreled pistols/revolvers...given that an expert such as you has determined that carrying such pieces is asinine.

    BTW: If you read my "asinine" post carefully, you may notice that I didn't say that I can't hit a target further than seven yards away.

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