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    When shopping for my 1911, my local gun store employee (who does not work commission) took about 4 minutes to field strip a Kimber retails for $1200, a Springfield , $750. and a RIA, $450. and laid them out piece by piece next to each other. Really showed the similarities, almost identical, the RIA was not as polished a barrel, but the real difference was the ramp and feed, and the ejection pin, and the general internal components. I would advise you to ask the gun shop employee to field strip each model, lay they side by side so you can look and compare. If he won't, don't shop there.

    for my 2 cents, I would save up and go with the Springfield.

  3. my EDC is a RIA Tactical full size .45. I have over 1200 rounds through it this year and no issues. I have owned Colt, Springfield, Para's -- they may be prettier, but my RIA just works. 100% out of the box. I suggest you look at the tactical model over the GI -- you will most likely make some upgrades to the GI that are already included in the Tactical and the price difference in the two models is much less than doing the mods yourself.

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    I've had nothing but a great experance with my RI1911A1 Tactical. Ran great right out of the box and 1100 rounds later still running great. These firearms are very basic in comparison to some other manufactors but a very dependable firearm. I use mine as my daily carry.
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    Very happy with mine, full-size goverment nickel. Nice finish, nice shooter.

    Parts - yes. Almost anything you find at Brownells or Midway will fit fine.

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    I have an American classic II with over 2000 rds and not one problem, bought mine for under $400. and I like it better than the RIA.
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  7. 2fer the Rock

    I have a compact model with 1100-1200 rounds and a full sized with 600-700 rounds. Both have been flawless from the first round, the only problems I have encountered have been with crappy reloads. Both are accurate and reliable and for the price, I don't mind a few scratches or dings or holster wear. These are the working dos, not the show dogs

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