Rock Island 1911's
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Thread: Rock Island 1911's

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    Rock Island 1911's

    I WANT WANT WANT a 1911 so bad it hurts. The only problem with wanting a 1911 is the price. I can't just go out and pick up a kimber at will... I have reverted to looking at the Rock Island 1911 models. Does anyone have any thoughts on the particular make of 1911's? Yes, I know that they are Phillipino made. But, however they do accept all parts of a colt 1911... carbon copy so to speak.

    I guess what I'm looking for from you all is why not buy a carbon copy colt 1911 for around $400???

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    I have an RIA and I love it. It's a good weapon, runs like a champ well worth 400.00$
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  4. Springfield 1988

    I heard the Rock Island was a good entry level 1911, but I went ahead and bought Springfield's GI 1911 for about $600.00 at a Gun Show. I love it! Extremely accurate and reliable. Plus, it came with a holster and a 2 mag ammo carrier. Then I bought 2 extra Colt mags that work perfect with it.

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    I had one for approx 1 yr, bought it new. No malfunctions of any kind, prob shot at least 500-600 rounds through it. Only complaint is it had the worst finish of any gun I've ever owned, I had to oil it every day, and it still rusted in spots... I do believe they have a stainless model though, that would prob be much better at resisting rust. I would buy one again if I was in the market for a 1911....... But I probably never will be, they just dont shoot well for me.... (and it isnt the recoil) but let me pull out my Browning High Power clone... and I can hit a quarter sized target at 15yds no problem..

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    I have several they have all been great. They have great customer service if you need it, and a lifetime warranty that they honor for anyone regardless of if your the original owner. I have had to send a couple of them back for minor repairs and have averaged a 2 week turnaround. Mine are as accurate as my Colts and I routinely carry one of them. If you can find a tactical model buy it. It's only $50 or so more and they have all the trick stuff that most users want anyway.
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    The RIA'S are building a good reputation for reliability.
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    I have a compact model (CS) and I absolutely love it. It is still in the break in stage but has never malfunctioned with the exception of me reassembling it incorrectly (reverse main spring and didnt seat the spring plug). I carry it daily and would recommend it. Sweet little shooter.
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    The RIA's are nice guns. I'd recommend also looking at the Metro Arms 1911's. There priced competitively with the Rock Islands but are finished nicer.

    My son has had his for a year and has been absolutely happy with it.

    American Classic 1911
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    My experience led me to sell them, both the RIA M1911-A1 and the RIA Tactical.

    After 200 rounds they never, ever again ran smoothly. Alway's had a type III failure. the guns would not, under any circumstances, feed the last round or the the last two rounds would double feed. Ammunition was alway's newly manufactured and at times was high end JHP's.

    I was using both Wilson 47D mags and CMC Power 8's. The two most reliable mags on the market for a 1911 handgun.

    I had high hopes that both guns would provide me with an entry level 1911 that I could shoot and tear apart to learn the 1911 weapon system in it's entirety, but no such luck. I'm not new to 1911's, but I did want to be able to learn how to completely dissasemble them and to tune extractors and such. I did not disasemble them any further than the field strip level, yet they both would not run smoothly enough for me to trust them.


    I'd pay the extra money and get a GI or MIL-SPEC Springfield Armory, or higher end gun.
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    I've heard a lot of good things about the ATI 1911's also. And they just happen to be on sale.
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