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    My wife is trying to decide on a new concealed carry piece. She has a Ruger LCP .380 and finds that the grip is too short for her hand and it kind of jumps and stings her hand when she fires it, so she wants to go to something else. I have looked at the Keltech's and Diamond backs in the .380, but she wants to find a very small revolver. I don't want to go to smaller calibers, so I really want to look at 9mm, .380 or .38 special etc. She also carries a Beretta mini cougar .40 S&W in her purse but it is a little to heavy for a fanny pack or pocket. What's the smallest lightest revolver out there for a lady? I like my North American Arms mini revolver but it is too short for her also.
    Did you use the grip extension for the magazine? That alone can make a world of difference.

    If you can sacrifice a bit of concealability, you could go with the Walther PK380. These are even available in consecutive serial number packages with the Walther P22.

    I asked my wife to step away from the LCP due to the heavy trigger pull and crappy sights. Those made her become too reliant on the Crimson Trace and I couldn't have that if the unit failed. So I've been looking into the S&W Bodyguard in .38spl, the Kahr line, and even some of the Kel-Tec stuff after my recent Kel-Tec RFB experience.

    Just remember to help her pick out her firearm, but ultimately let it be her decision on what she wants. Educating her is key, shooting them will also help as you already know.

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    Take her to a range that has guns for rent, lots of them (the one I took my wife to had over 80 guns for rent, $10 let's you try any and all of them, plus range time).
    You may be suprised. My wife tried revolvers, super small .380's (she had shot my LCP and did not like it at all) and semi auto's. Finally settled on on Glock 19. Carries it every day now.

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    Yeah I bought the grip extension but it didnt help enough. That's a big 10-4 on the trigger pull and crappy sites. I may trade the LCP on a kel-tech or diamond back and keep it for myself. We have seriously looked at the subcompact Glock's vs Springfield's in the 9mm and like the XDM9 better. I shot a good tight group with it and she is going to shoot it soon. The Springfield's come with the extra clips, holster, and speed loader included, which is nice. It also has the extra safety in the grip. She will ultimately decide for herself, but it looks like the american made gun is leading out the foreign competition for her new piece.

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    That's a big 10-4 on the trigger pull and crappy sites. I want to trade the LCP for a kel-tech or diamond back in the .380 and keep it for myself. We are seriously looking at the Glock vs. Springfield in the subcompact 9mm and am leaning towards the XD9. I shot a good tight group with it and she is going to shoot it soon to decide. The nice thing about springfield's is that they come with the extra clips, holster, and speed loader included. The sites are nicer on the Glock's. It's quite a choice to make, and as you state, it's all on her.

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    I have an XD 9 service right now, but found it to be too big for me to want to conceal comfortably. I am going this week to rent a Walther pk 380 as I have read some great reviews on it. I would never buy a gun I couldn't shoot first!
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    Got the XDM 9 subcompact 9mm and we both love it. It shoots great and fits in her fanny pack. She is happy and so am I. I may look at trading the LCP for the Walther 380 instead as you suggest. thanks all for the comments. My wife is a happy girl and that is all a man can hope for.

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    My wife had the same issues. She has a S&W MP9c. It was a little heavy for her purse and pockets. I had to get her a S&W 640. She liked the size and weight for deeper conceal. I was happy that it was at least a .38. As for the kick, she knows that if she has to use it she propably won't notice it. Training will be a different issue but its a trade off she is willing to make.

  9. WIfe's gun

    Like the old joke says:

    I just got a gun for my wife (wait for it) best trade I ever made!

    ok, really, my wife has rheumatoid and the slide on an auto is hard for her, likewise, it hurts her hands to load a magazine. She has a Rossi .38spl that she can shoot quite well and as long as she shoots it SA, she can handle it.

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    Look at the Kahr PM9... pricey but worth it imho. You can get it with a factory Crimson Trace laser installed too.

    Wooops... saw you guys picked one. Oh well.

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    Yes we did, but your recommendation is well taken. That is one sweet piece. thanks. You never know we might get another down the road.

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