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    I was wondering what a good site is for buying and selling guns. I have some WW2 and Korean war era stuff I want to sell or trade. I want to find a site that is good for residents of WA state.

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    The only one's I've seen are in the sporting goods section (99% guns) and Other than that, maybe just google selling guns online.

  4. Check out, run by the NRA. Allows you to save searches and keep a running list of auctions you are interested in.

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    I use the following sites below. I also throw them on various forums. If I have a FN I go to FN PS90 FN SCAR FN FS2000 FN FiveseveN 5.7x28mm FNP :: FN Forum.NET so forth and so on. Most the forums are free to sign up.

    as for , It is alright for specialty items, but anything $500 or under, you can't expect too much for your gun. $35 for Shipping and $30ish for transfer to ffl, kills most deals for potential buyers as they can get it locally for that price. Plus you have to pay fees to list.

    I live in Ohio and these sites rock, 20 to 30 postings a day. Problem is most other states are pretty lame. Be prepare for the low ballers.
    (you can chose any state, but I set them for WA)
    Washington Gun Classifieds, Buy and sell your firearms for FREE -
    ARMSLIST - Washington All Categories Classifieds
    Washington: Barter Online at Showing ads in Sporting Goods > Firearms and Accessories for Firearms - SwapGiant

    This one has a huge following

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    + 1 for Gunbroker. Maybe a local gunshow?

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    i live near spokane wa and wonder what you have? i am interesred in aquiring toys of that era. perhaps there is a way we could get together on this matter but being new to this forum im not sure how to go about this. ideas or help anyone?

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