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    I had a keltec p40.

    It is the only gun that I ever completely broke cleaning it. Was very interesting.

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    Kel tech pf9

    Yeah i noticed the wear out and loosness,even sent it back but wearin is ocurrin again. Well for 300 i guess and such a small auto its expected,buy a ruger sp101,2 1/4 barrel its great rugged built like a tank,little heavy for a concealed but it will make u feel like u got a real gun with u....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    I'd rather spend a little more and get something like a XD or Glock that won't break down at 6,000 rounds, or need to be "rebuilt" due to excessive wear. I understand that the Kel-Tec runs in the mid $300 range, while a Glock or XD is in the mid $500 range. My life is worth the $200.

    When using a gun for protection, I'd go with "quality". I've got friends who swear by the Kel-Tec. ... I would exclude highly recommend against using the price factor as a sole or major deciding factor for any personal protection gun.
    I hear what you are saying.. But sometimes.. For SOME people.. Price has to be a factor..
    Surely you are not advocating that people should wait the extra 6 months (not being able to carry anything) until they can save up the extra $200-300 to purchase something more "quality" (as their 1st gun).
    If they get in a bad situation during that 6 months, what do you suggest, they whip out the $450 they have saved and beat the bad guy with it???
    That quality isn't going to do them any good as $450 is sitting in a drawer, and the wish list gun still sitting at the store... Sometimes you have to go with what you can get, and then hope to upgrade later..

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    +1 ^^^^

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    This has to be a record! 2 year old thread reopened...
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  7. I purchased one for Off Duty and was unable to qualify with it. At 25 yards, I could not consistantly hit the target. Just a side note, I had just quaifitied with a 2" snubby revovler at the same distance. i did not keep the PF 9. I then purchased a Kahr and had a much beeter score...

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    I just picked up a PF9 I will giving it a try at the range in the next few days I was looking for an inexpensive light weight carry alternative to add to my stable ill see how it performs during the break in period and go from there. Rather be tried by twelve than carried by six :) Hector
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    Also just bought a PF9. Going to take it to the range on Monday.
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    I bought one for my wife a few years back and was not crazy about it. She liked the size for her and the price wasn't bad. Once we started breaking it in it failed numerous times. I ended up with a lemon. I can't bash on the makers of kel-tec for the design and size. Some people have had awesome luck with them but I can't bring myself to buy another one.

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