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    The New Sig P250

    It's nic-named the 2SUM, because it comes with 2 guns in one. You get 2 grip shells 2 slides and one serial numbered interchangeable firing mechanism. Looks pretty sharp to me. Retail on the 2SUM is set at $945. Buying each individual P250, the compact and the full-size each with their own firing mechanism would cost you $640 per gun. Buying the 2SUM gives you a $335 savings.

    I am not going to change from my new loved P C II but this looks sharp, I'm surprised of all the sig fan-boy's nobody has brought it up.

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    I have seen this deal on Buds for 632.00 including shipping.... How can you go wrong at that price? 2 guns for the price of one?

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    Hey guys. I have a P250 compact.

    You do not need to get the fire control. That is the idea behind the gun.

    if you want to convert it you just need to get the grip, slide and magazine.

    and translated to getting the following.

    1 caliber x-change kit for sub-compact, compact or full. (includes slide, night sights and 1 mag $320)
    1 grip module for sub-compact, compact or full. in the size small,medium or large ($45)

    so for about $375 (includes shipping) you get another gun.

    the Sig P250 is around $405 at Bugsgunshop with night sights and $361 without.

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    I just bought a P250C in .40 S&W, and one of the things that drew me to this gun was the modular design. Not only can you switch from compact to subcompact, but you can also mix-and-match (for example, Subcompact frame with the compact slide). Hard to beat that for the price. And the quality is great, the gun is built like a tank.

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