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Thread: New concealed carry weapon query

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    The Ruger SR9 is very nice, I actually really like the SR9C and the soon to be released LC9.

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  4. Well I didn't shoot all three but I held them and checked all three over very well at the shop. I became the proud new owner of a Springfield XDM .40 cal. The price was way too good to beat. THanks for all the advice however.

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    Best advice I can give is if possable go to a range and shoot the pistols you mentioned, next best would be to buy the Glock if you want the 40 cal that would be ether a 22, 23 or 27, with the 22 being full size then on down, 9mm would be a 17, 19, 26, and the 45 acp would be a 21, 30, and 36, the 10mm is a good weapon but if you do the range much ammo is expensive, just one other thing while you may hear of a problem with Glocks from time to time its not often, a Glock is maybe the only weapon I would buy new, load it and carry it with confidence it would fire when needed,

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    Just in case you didn't know Ruger came out with a SR40 Think I'll look into it. Hope I got to this in time for the correction. The Beretta also looks good in .40

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