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  1. I'll go ahead and jump on the band wagon here.

    I have a Kimber Custom 2 with 5 inch barrel and I love it. I bought it 6 years ago and have put thousands of rounds through it. I only had it jam once when I was using an old GI issue magazine and that was only the first round. So I am very very pleased with mine.
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  3. Here's my $0.02.

    I have never owned a Kimber and always thought that Springfield was a better bang for the buck. With that said, Kimber has some nice, absolutely gorgeous 1911's that I wouldn't mind owning.

    Take a look at the 10-8 Forum, or Hilton Yam's website to see what they say about Kimber for a "Duty Gun". There have been some problems with Kimber, but no more than any other manufacturer of a bullet launching device. All producers make a lemon every now and then.

    In short, if you want a Kimber, get a Kimber. I just bought a Springfield "Loaded" as it serves my needs. I;ll probably buy a Kimber Warrior next and then another Springfield.


  4. Kimber

    I own 5 Kimbers. 3 are full size and 2 carry models. They are the most reliable 1911's I have ever shot. I have over 10000 rounds through my Kimber Grand Raptor and my Eclipse. never a failure.

    For carry, i prefer the ultra carry.

    I own several other brand firearms, but I love the kimbers. Its a small investment for a long term gain....And trust me, you can count on them.

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    My primary carry weapon is a Kimber Ultra Carry. I have had absolutely no problems with it and it is extremely accurate. Manufacturing is top quality, operation is smooth and reliability is unsurpassed. I also carry a S&W Sigma SW9F and own a Colt Defender and a Sig 229 as well as a few others. There are some just as good (possibly) but none better.

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    I have 3 Kimbers and love them, never any serious problems, My Kimber warrior will not work with Wilson 8 rounders But works fine with Chip Mccormick and Kimber Mags and my carry is custom TLE/RL.
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  7. good luck if you buy one. Especially a 3". I'd try and find one used that was manufactured several years ago during a time quality meant something to them.

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    I am probably going to start a flame war with this one but here goes:

    For the money that you spent on a kimber you could have gotten an HK and been much better off.

  9. My opinion:
    Kimber markets tight tolerances. AK's are not known for tight tolerances; they are known for dependability. Tight tolerances in metal that gets heated when used, has oil and powder residue to fill the tiny gap, and can pick up dirt as well, does not lend itself to a high degree of dependability. However, it would make for an accurate piece. I don't own a Kimber, but I would like to. I just wouldn't trust it as my primary carry weapon. I know many people do just that. As long as they feel good about it, rock on. If you were to get shot by the BG and drop your weapon, do you want tight tolerances for something that can bend or warp, with your life in the balance? Anything can fail. I just prefer to keep as many odds in my favor as possible.
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    My personal opinion is stay away from Kimbers.

    They are pretty but you never know what you are going to get from them. If you have money to lose you can buy a Kimber and if it does not meet your expectations you can sell it and lose a couple dollars. If you are scraping to get the money to purchase it then again, I would not get a Kimber. I also agree with STI. Look at the STI Guardian. SWEET........

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