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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    The price of gas and a six day a week work schedual kinda put a damper on that.
    Invitation stands anytime!
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    I have a Springfield Loaded and a Kimber UCII ... both have been flawless since new, both cost around your price (Springer a bit more, Kimber a bit less) ... both companies make excellent guns and have good service in the unlikely event you need it ...
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    Recent discoveries:

    Looked at 3 Rock Island 1911 at 2 different stores.
    Two locked up 1/2" from battery. Couldn't pull back or thump forward.
    Third one was not smooth at all, and trigger seemed to catch.

    Saw 2 Citidels.
    Slide fit is military GI grade.
    Triggers were creepy.
    One was over throated

    Saw one 1911 marked "Made in Turkey", don't remember the trade name or importer.
    Basic weapon with no outstanding pluses or minues.

    Looked at 4 American Classic IIs in different stores.
    One full size had a bad slide
    One full size had a disconnector problem and an over throated barrel
    One commander had a bad frame, way over ramped to below barrel
    One commander was amazingly fine fitted, snug as a pro built gun, excellent trigger, except the extractor turned.

    ParaUSA GI Expert: Have looked at 4 and seem to be well built but slide fit is only "ok", not snug. I trust the quality of parts.

    Not one of these 14 guns had snug fitting firing pin retainers.

    Also saw one Taurus 9mm with a ramped barrel. Sweet. If I were into 9mm, I would have bought it in a heartbeat. Almost did anyway.

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    Auto ordance 1911

    I just got My auto ordance 100 year 1911 last week. I went and put 300 rounds through it and shot like the ones when I was in the Marine Corps. Was 600.00, and didn't have any malfunction or problems. It is full size 1911, but seemed to ride well in my slide rite holster. I know Auto Ordance has had problems in past, but here is a tip, Kahr arms has taken over making the 1911 for them and the work is noticalbe.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by kevin mosley View Post
    Kimber offers a lot of gun for the money. Look at the Springfield Armory lineup also.
    I prefer the Springfield to the Kimber. I have both a TLE II (first one sold in Western NC) and a Tactical II ultra. Both work great, look great, but cost so much (for a teacher, anyway) that I don't carry them much.

    I also have a couple Springfields (full-size loaded -- my IPSC gun, and a loaded stainless champion). The SA's work every bit as well as the Kimbers - maybe better because of the looser tolerances (less cleaning necessary).

    Also, take a look at the Taurus. Purchased one for myself for my birthday last year. Has all the bells and whistles, great fit/finish, accurate, for a very reasonable price. I haven't had it long enough to tell whether it is as reliable and durable as either the SAs or Kimbers.

    You won't go wrong with any of the major manufacturers' products. The 1911 design is robust and very well proven. John M. Browning was the master of his time. I shoot his rifle and shotgun designs in SASS and his 1911 design in USPSA.

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    My Kimbers are the most accurate and comfortable to shoot. That said it took a L O N G time to get them reliable with JHPs

    Para makes a "GI" with more options than a typical GI for about $600. My best suggestion would be S&W. They are replacing their old line with a new "E Series" so good prices should be available. Check Buds.

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    Might I suggest the new Remington 1911 R1... They can be had for under $700;


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    The Taurus has a lifetime guarantee.

    Any gun that comes from Davidsons (jobber) to your dealer has a lifetime free replacement guarantee.

  10. I own springers and colts. Love em both. That being said,have you considered buying used? I have scored some VERY good deals that way. BTW, my daily carry companion is a Springer TRP carried in a Galco Summer Comfort. I am not big,5'11'',180lbs, and I have no isues at all,really. Just gotta find what works well for you...Good luck!

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    If you have access to a range that offers a variety of 1911s for rent, I strongly recommend you do that before plunking down $1,000. Most ranges that offer rental 1911s have models that are in your price range. A full-size 1911 is the best platform for transitioning to the 1911. But a full-size may be a bit of a load for everyday carry. While many of us have full-size 1911s for home defense, some of us prefer to carry lightweight commander or compact models.

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