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    While I love my Kimber The Springfield Armory Range Officer is my current value recommendation. Match Grade Barrel and adjustable sights for $100-200 below the MSRP $879 is a real good starting point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCfromNY View Post
    My Kimbers are the most accurate and comfortable to shoot. That said it took a L O N G time to get them reliable with JHPs

    Para makes a "GI" with more options than a typical GI for about $600. My best suggestion would be S&W. They are replacing their old line with a new "E Series" so good prices should be available. Check Buds.
    My first was
    S&W 1911 ES in .45, commander length slide. very light, smooth shooting. Like new condition $699. Very happy with this gun.

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    Just picked up ria officers 1911. Fit is great no slop. Took it down foud very little machine markings. Just coated in a lot of lube, having said that I have yet to shoot it. Well see

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