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    Arrow Ruger SR40 recoil?

    First off, let me start with my story. I own a Ruger LCP .380 caliber pistol. I LOVE it. I use it mainly as my concealed carry pistol. I've been looking into getting something of a larger caliber, but something with not a crap load of recoil. I've shot the full size Ruger SR9 and I love the way that gun shoots. Very smooth recoil. Even smoother and less snappy than my LCP. I'm not sure how I feel about going to a 9mm though since the caliber really isn't that much of a jump from a .380 IMO... So then Ruger comes out with the Ruger SR40. Love at first sight? Um yes sir!

    Has anyone shot the SR40 in comparison to either the LCP or SR9? Obviously it's going to kick more than the SR9, but what about the LCP?

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    its a .40 so yes it will kick more tha a 9mm. to me it kickes even more than a +p+ 9mm. i own 2 .40 cals and love them. will never go lower than a .40, but i also have not shot the new ruger you speak of. seen it but, have not shot one.

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    I find it all depends on the ammo your shooting. When I shoot 115 grain loads it's not that bad of a kick. As I move up I find the kick gets harder and harder. I just picked up a little over 200 rounds of 40cal 180 grain Federal tactical law enforcement JHP hydro shock. I have never shot a round above 155 so I'm unsure how much the 180 will kick. But I will let you know after I fire off 50-100 rounds. The Winchester ranger JHP is a outstanding round and in till a few years ago it was the duty round of the state police. Then they changed over to S&WM&P 45's as a new duty issue firearm.


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