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Thread: How many pistols/spare mags do you carry everyday?

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    I carry 1 s&w m&p 40 +1 with 1 spare mag, thats a total of 31 rounds.
    Getting the smith and wesson bodyguard after seeing it today, love the little sucker. going to carry that on my ankle
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    EMP 9 +1 I hope that all I need !

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    Two spare strips with revolvers and one or two spare mags with autos.


  5. Smile

    I carry an XD 45 ACP with 14 rounds and 2 mags with 13 rounds each using 230 gr hollow points total of 40 rounds :)

    wife carries .38 S&W 5 rounds and 15 rounds in speed clips also hollow points:)

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    My carry

    I carry my nighthawk 1911. Its a government model in thier T3 configuration. ( if your looking for a 1911 that feels great, never fails, and shoots sub moa at 50 yards, give them a call!) I wear it strong side in a good old leather pancake holster. Iwb every once in a while. I wear 3 spare mags in my weak side. Each in an individual g&g mag carrier. (dont buy those I will be replacing them soon). I also wear a smith J frame 638 in an ankle holster more than half the time. THEN there is the truck!!! LOL

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    I carry G36SF in a Don Humes cargo pocket holster with extra mag or ankle holster (ammo .45ACP hornady critical defense)

    and a Kel-tec pf-9 in a Galco US second ammendment holster LH with extra magazine and a Galco left hand magazine holder (ammo 9mm Corbon or hornady Critical defense)

    RRA AR-15 with 3 magazines 28 able in each magazine
    and a black widow derringer .22Mag in my right pocket using the integrated belt clip
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    Off-duty I carry a Glock 19 with one or two spare mags, and a S&W 642 with an extra speed strip.

  9. My state thinks I am not worth CCW

    I live in Wisconsin, but after the Communist leave the state building I should be carrying a Kahr Arms in 9mm or 45 both with crimson trace grips. If I go to a more "interesting" area I will put that in deep conceal and carry an FNP or the HK in 45.

    I should say, primarily if i am with my wife and or child(ren) as alone, i probably wont ever pull a mechanical weapon :-). As long and there are less than say... 5

    do people know humor in this forum, my first post i think
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    I carry my Kimber Pro Carry II with 7+1 when I am in my regular area, (a "good" neighborhood) and when I go someplace with a higher crime rate i carry one or two extra magazines. I carry IWB on my left hip and I carry a Gerber automatic knife in my right front pocket. I am a righty but left-eye dom. so I shoot better lefty.

    one day I plan on getting a pocket pistol for my BUG.

  11. Nope, I usually carry only 1 gun on me. There's always another in the truck because I can't get to my primary carry while in the driver's seat because of seat configuration and being left handed.

    The ONLY time I ever carried more than one gun was the morning after Hurricane Opal blew through. I lived the closest to the restaurant I was working at during this time and the general manager couldn't get to town (what was normally a 20 minute commute), so I ended up going up to the store about dawn. I'd heard rumors of possible looting downtown, so I came loaded for bear.

    I had 2 Browning Hi Powers loaded 13+1 with 124gr Hydrashocks and a 1917 Smith wheelgun loaded with 230gr Eldorado Starfires. under my field coat There was also 2 spare mags for each auto and 4 full moons for the 1917 spread around the cargo pockets.

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