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Thread: How many pistols/spare mags do you carry everyday?

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    Glock 19 and 27 with 2 spare mags for the 19

    So 46 rounds of ammo for the G19
    and 12 rounds for the G27

    I carry all my guns at full mag capacity +1 in the chamber.
    For I am secure in my training and handling of my guns to know that they will not fire a round if I don't pull the trigger. If it is not in my hand it is in its holster that has a trigger guard to keep the trigger from being pulled or caught on anything.

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    I carry a Khar PM9 with 6 in the mag +1 in the chamber and a spare 7 round mag. If I'm not carry my PM9 I'm carry a glock 23 with a 13 round mag + 1 in the chamber.
    NRA Certified Instructor: Pistol,
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    1 fully loaded pistol. No spares.
    (Insert random tough-guy quote here)
    "See my gun?? Aren't you impressed?" - Anonymous sheepdog
    The hardware is the same, but the software is vastly different.

  5. I usually carry a Sig P-250 Compact in a strong side OWB holster. I carry two full size mags in a support side holster.

    I used to carry a Para Carry 7.45 in a waistband holster and a Para 6.45 in an ankle holster, with two eight round magazines in a support side pouch. That way, all the pistols had the same controls, and magazines and ammo were interchangable, except the six round mag wouldn't go in the seven round frame.

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    After Saturday, I thing I feel naked with my 5 rounds of 357 Mag. That Kid had 90 rounds, Kasper you need two more Mags.

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    xd subcompact .40 9+1 for carry then have a 12 rd with me. all loaded with pdx-1 winchester. if im road tripping north or south ill bring my m&p .40 full size in the car. 2 mags with 15 rounds each +1 in the tube. winchester 165 g talons. that better get the job done.

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    Auto: 1 gun @ condition 1, 1 spare mag...

    Revolver: loaded (yea, they work better that way), 2 speed loaders.
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

  9. Icarry three one is a glock 22 with a 15 round with a plus 2 on it and two exmags the same rt front pocket sterling with a six round mags +1 in the pipe =7 left ft pocket is a double eagle derringer 2 rounds all =61 rounds some days i carry other ones it all in the mood I wake up with all have a great day later

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    1 - 45ACP, no spare mags.
    I started out in life with nothing and I've managed to keep most of it.

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    Houston Metro Area, Texas
    Colt Combat Commander 7+1 and two spare magazines just in case.

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