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Thread: How many pistols/spare mags do you carry everyday?

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    Glock 26 (10+1), and a spare 10 round mag.

    Very seldom carry a BUG (LCP when I do).


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    One XD 9mm SC with one 15round mag, hoping that should be enough.

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    i usually carry a north american arms 22 mag 5 shot mini-revolver. but at times i carry a charter arms 38 special 5 shot revolver. when carring the 38 the 22 becomes my back-up. the 22 mag holster has 5 rounds in a pocket. sometimes i carry extra ammo for the 38 sometimes not. in my opinion in most situations the scenerio unfolds so rapidly that reloading may not be practical. we can all come up with situations where extra ammo would be good thing and it doesnt hurt. having a back-up instantly ready is in my opinion better than relying on the extra clip or speed-loader.

  5. Pistols/mags

    I carry an XD-45 with 14 rounds (13+1) and two spare mags with 13 rounds each. I often carry my wife's Rossi 5-shot .38, stainless steel with Pachmayr grips in a jacket pocket. If I really expect the STHTF, I have a total of five mags for the XD, with holders. I would love to have had the XD when I shot competition and would go to the line with my 1911 and almost a dozen mags.
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    I carry 1 Charles Daly DDA-10 45ACP (10+1) and a 10 round spare mag for 21 total rounds.

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    Lately, I have been carrying an older Bersa Thunder .380 I have. I shot it today, and as usual, I ran fifty rounds of various make thru it without a hitch. I carry the gun loaded, with one in the tube and safety on, plus two spare mags. I like to keep it loaded with the Remington 102 grain "Golden Sabers".

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    For everyday carry, a 1911 of some sort; either a Para LTC .45 or a customized SA Mil Spec .45. I always have at least 1 spare mag. Occasionally I will add a Ruger LCP as a BUG.

  9. AMT.45acp Back-up 6-1 Gold dot 1 spare mag. =13 Belt holster, Kel-Tec P3at .380 Gold Dot In pocket holster. My constant companions. I was hoping that it was not only me that liked to carry more than 1 gun. LOL

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    Presently ether a G-27 or 36 in belt holster, 9mm taurus in small of back, and at times a 380 on ankle, and spare mag for Glock, also in car a G-21 in console and AK in the back, with spare mags for those, I know its a bit much but we go to the range a lot, and this way we don't have to bring nothing except a couple boxes of ammo

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    main gun is a sig P226 (west german) with a P225(also west german) as a backup carried small of back carry one spare mag for the 225 and 2 spare for the 226 between the 2 i have about 50 rounds on tap give or take a couple. ammo is federal hydroshock in 147 grain JHP in the 226 and 124 grain federal jhp in the 225

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