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Thread: How many pistols/spare mags do you carry everyday?

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    Depending on how I feel on any given day, the weather, what part of the city I'm off too, or if I'm hitting the road...

    1. CZ 75B Walnut Grip SS with CZ SP-01 18rd mag & one in the tube (half-cocked) & 2 spare SP-01 18rd mags = Total of 55rds. (Speer 124gr Gold Dot +P)
    2. CZ 75 P-O1 with 14rd mag & one in the tube (decocked) & 2 spare 14 rd mags = Total of 43rds. (Speer 124gr Gold Dot +P)
    3. S&W 686+ with three Speed Loaders = Total of 28 rds (DoubleTap .357 Mag 125gr. Bonded Defense JHP)
    4. If on the highway or off-road (lot's of desert here in the SW between towns) I'll double up on the 9mm mags with extra box or two of ammo in the console & toss in the back of my truck either a loaded Mossy 500A with 5 spare rds on the Knox Stock & 55rd Bandoleer = Total of 75rds (00Bk, with a few 1in Slugs mixed in) OR a Zastava M70 AB2T (Yugo AK-47 Underfolder) with a Bulgarian 10Rd mag inserted & minimum of 6 more 20rd mags in a Bandoleer = Total of 130 rds (7.62 x 39 mm)

    Better to have & not need, then need and not have! Takes care of any social work needs & the slithering or 4-legged predators that inhabit these parts.
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    Presently I carry a USP .40 Compact with 2 spare magazines (The 12 rounders) on my 5 o'clock. And I have been carrying a Ruger LCP in my left pocket with one spare mag in the pocket holster. I mainly OC the USP, and the idea that someone would try and take it from me is the cause for me deciding to carry the LCP in my pocket.

    Though this only really applies when i am traveling, and that is quite often. Because Wisconsin refuses to let me have a gun in my pocket.
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    How many pistols do you carry

    When I am in town I carry two, a Smith Model 340 with 6 extra rounds and a Ruger 380 auto with no extra rounds or mags.

    When I am traveling 12 extra rounds for the smith and 1 extra mag for the ruger 380.

    If i can avoid a shooting I will, the way bad things happen I doubt if I will be able to reload the revolver and the ruger 380 will come into play.

    Shot placement is the goal.

    Pat Olvey
    email [email protected]
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Hamilton County

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    I usually carry 1 extra!

  6. Two Pistols, 2 Clips

    # 1 RULE

    If your Personal Protection pistols are not comfortable, and easily concealed regardless of what clothing your wearing, which causes you NOT to carry your weapons every single day, then your choice of weapons is a bad one! Because the day you need it, it will be the day you left it at home. I also did not want to be required to wear a jacket all the time just for concealing my weapons.

    My 1st consideration in selecting my two carry pistols were that they be light enough that I could easliy carry them every single day and be extremely comfortable. With the Kel-Tec or the Ruger 380 you don't even know it's there. You can also have them out in a flash!

    My second requirement was that my conceal carry weapons be chosen based on their ability to be easily concealed regardless of what I'm wearing. Once again, TOP PRIORITY, they must be comfortable to carry.

    Note: These two pistols require a modification to insure their reliability. The magazine release button is raised enough that you often find that the magazine has been released. Grind the magazine release flush with the handle. You can still release the magazine, but it now requires you to intentionally release the magazine.

    YouTube - Ruger, Kel-Tec 380 Magazine Malfunction

    Finally, the 380 cal. is a very powerful bullet with more than enough power to handle your problems in a bad situation. Remember, confrontation is virtually always up close and personal. You won't need a bunch of magazines! If you can't handle the situation in the first few seconds, the odds are overwhelming that you won't be needing to load another magazine! Remember, your not Dirty Harry! You don't need or want a cannon. You want a pistol(s) that you WILL carry each and every day! You want a pistol that can easily be handled in close quarters because your problem is going to be facing you, up close and personal! The rest is all up to nerves and skill.

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    Since the start of a similar thread last year, I've been carry a back up Mag. C&L with 7 back up, 15 can go down range before the SHTF. Oh yea, that's 45JHP.
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    Finally, the 380 cal. is a very powerful bullet
    This could not be further from reality. The .380 is a barely marginal caliber for self defense, one I would use only as a back-up.

    BTW, the term is magazine, not "clip".

    As to the modification the the magazine release; that is actually a good idea. I have noted several pistol that have a habit of letting the magazine pop loose when pocket carried. If I still carried a Kel Tec I would likely do the same thing to it.

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    I agree with kcraig52.

    While we may disagree about the stopping power of a 380 auto I will suggest that the shot placement has to be accurate and multiple shots would have to be fired.

    In a panic situation, every one of us will fire the pistol until it is empty. Lets pray that if that day ever comes we will place the shots corrrectly and the assault is stopped.

    The firarms must be comfortable to carry. easily available for use and concealed.

    Pat Olvey
    email [email protected]
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Hamilton County

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    Quote Originally Posted by tpd223 View Post
    This could not be further from reality. The .380 is a barely marginal caliber for self defense, one I would use only as a back-up.
    I agree, however my load of choice for the .380 caliber would be the Remington 102gr. Golden Saber. I feel that this is the best personal defense load in that caliber.

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    Daily carry

    Usually a Para P12-45 and a spare mag. 12+1 in the weapon and 14 in the spare. Condition 1 is the only way to carry a 1911 type weapon.

    On the occasion where I have to carry more concealable Taurus 605 .357. Loaded with .38+P. Five in the weapon and 2 speed loaders total of 15.

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