How many pistols/spare mags do you carry everyday?
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Thread: How many pistols/spare mags do you carry everyday?

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    How many pistols/spare mags do you carry everyday?

    I searched,forgive me if this has been brought up before.

    After a recent discussion,i got to thinking.How many others carry more than one pistol every day? Im not talking about taking every gun you have and trying to find a place to put it on your person.Nor am i talking about how many guns you keep in your car.

    What do you carry,how many rounds,how many spare mags/speedloaders.

    It would be preferred if you only posted if you carry two or more firearms on your person,on a regular basis.

    I have twins.Springfield 1911 TRPs,one on each side of my belt.I keep both chambered and safety on with a magazine in,but dont normally carry +1 to keep from getting confused when i reload.I keep two spare mags in horizontal pouches,each behind one of the 1911s.Thats a total of 28 rounds.
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  3. One Officer's model .45 with two mags for a total of 22 rounds.


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    Day to day, G-36 or 27 in Blackhawk paddle and a Taurus PT-709 in back, spare mag for whatever Glock I'm carrying

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    Ruger SP101 loaded no spares, Bond Arms Derringer Loaded 410 and 45LC. Total seven shells.

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    I carry a Kimber 45 which holds 7+1. I always carry another mag in my 5.11 pants for another 7 rounds & I have 2 more mags very easilly accessible in my truck for a total of 29 rounds. If I couldn't get it done with 29 rounds I've got a box of 250 rounds in my GO-BAG that lives in my back seat. In my office I have a 2nd Kimber 45 under my desk with 2 more loaded mags in my desk drawer & another box of 250 in the filing cabinet.

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    Hey,i have similar pants.Their Wrangler cargo,from Walmart.They go for about $20 vs the $50 you paid.

    Now back to the topic...
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    I carry my Taurus PT1911, cocked & locked, 8+1 inside the right waistband in a Galco RG212 holster. In my left front pocket, are two more 8 round Wilson Combat mags. A total of 25 rounds of .45 ammo. On occasion, I carry my Kel-Tec P-11, 10+1 in the right front pocket in a Galco Pro460(?) pocket holster, but no additional 9mm ammo.
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    Sig P239 in 9mm. One mag with 7 Corbon cartridges, no extra mags , all in a High Noon horsehide Alter Ego holster.
    Daily carry: Sig P239 or S&W 3913
    High Noon Horsehide holster
    Black Talon ammo

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    i carry daily a glock 36 with 2 extra mags totaling 22 rounds

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    What I carry

    P229R in .357 SIG. One 12 round magazine full of Gold Dot, and a 2nd 12 rounder filled with Corbon.
    The balance of the ammo is in the truck.

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