Autoloader vs Revolver,my new dillema.
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Thread: Autoloader vs Revolver,my new dillema.

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    Autoloader vs Revolver,my new dillema.

    So i just got back from some low-light training.I was 'running for cover' when i fell down,and instinctively shot my target-and heres the problem.My 1911 would not cycle another round,because i was firing upside-down.Now i have a case of the 'whats-ifs'.So i got to thinking.I like the feel of revolvers anyway,why not get a few Smith 327s?

    I love my TRPs,but this 'what if' is stuck in my head.What if i had an attacker pinning me down and i had to shoot from a strange point,then the gun didnt cycle the next round i need?

    Should i trade? With two 327s and two speedloaders,i would have 32 rounds compared to 28 from the 1911s and two spare mags.Might not ever be quite as fast reloading,but what is the difference worth?
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    Hmm auto doesn't fire upsided down. That is what you are saying? Being upside down, either on your back or other, should be a very VERY brief moment. I would only need a few rounds, maybe 3 at most, before I was able to get right with the world. I would see no need for mega speed loades. Unless you're planning on rolling around a lot someplace in Afghansitan.
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    Auto upside down

    Autos function just fine in various positions normally, maybe your auto was pushed a bit out of battery when you went down - malfunction drill should have put you in back in the fight in zero time. Auto or revolver are both fine - just train hard on malfunction drills on and it will be 2nd nature to execute without thinking next time if ever it happens again. I've had revolvers have issues before as well, ejector rod was loose backed out and jammed the cylinder from opening for reload, empty cases stuck between the star ejector and face of the cylinder.

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