18 year olds and handgun laws
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  1. 18 year olds and handgun laws

    hey nra members i have a question?
    if i am 18 years old is it possible for me to go to a range and fire a hand gun without one of my parents being present in ohio? and may i also buy handgun ammunition without a parent present? if so could you please provide sites or evidence?

    thanks just wondering because my father is out of town and my mother doesn't really mess with guns!

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    Go to your local law enforcement website like Michigan.gov has Michigan State Police information and links. As far as ammo, in this state, you cannot buy handgun ammo unless youre 21 years old, and I assume rightfully for your state as well. Many weapon laws are the same throughout the US Difference in carry laws, but purchasing is much the same. As far as I know, and I may be incorrect, but you must have someone 21 years or older with you on a pistol range, private property is different, you may fire alone.
    I would check your State Police website on full details though.
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    Pocono Pistol Range & Club | Stroudsburg, PA.


    Handgun Rentals: Hourly
    Rates vary based on handgun. Must be 21 years old to rent a handgun.

    Age Requirements: Minimum 18 years of age to shoot.
    14 to 17 years of age if accompanied in same lane with parent or legal guardian.

  5. thanks! thats what i was think it just i felt like going shooting today but theirs no places to shoot shotguns around here!

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