Purchased a new toy Kimber Pro Carry II 45ACP...so...
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Thread: Purchased a new toy Kimber Pro Carry II 45ACP...so...

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    I made my first 1911 purchase today. I bought a Kimber Pro Carry II 45ACP. Being that I have 4 Glocks I know this will be a learning curve. Anything I should replace or modify on the Kimber? By what I understand Kimber is close to the top of 1911's . The only thing I may have to get used to is carrying it with the hammer cocked. Any advise for the novice 1911 owner. ?
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  3. Yea ! Injoy it! Take your time. move slowly on every thing you do. Cause you are looking for muscle memory. I feel more comfortable with a 1911 than others. Keep the safety engadged till you are lineing up on the sights. I have a kimber pro. Use the gun become profecient with it. As you learn it you will know the extra's you want. Dont let others tell you what you need. The gun comes with the major things you might need already. extended safety, good sights and slide release. Beaver tail safety. There are many gimic's out there! Dont get caught up in them.

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    I think 1911s are the best! My second purchase was a Kimber Ultra Carry .45 3", after getting the Aegis 9mm. I wound up having several jams with both. Was told to run 400-500 rounds through them, and that they are built with tight tolerances, so they needed minor modifications. I got discouraged and sold them both to buy a different .45. Hopefully they have corrected this and you won't get the malfunctions I was experiencing. Enjoy the 1911!

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