Sig P226 .40 Won't Feed Hollow Points
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Thread: Sig P226 .40 Won't Feed Hollow Points

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    Sig P226 .40 Won't Feed Hollow Points

    I have a p226 in .40 cal that will not feed hollow point ammo. I have tried remington, cor bon, and federal. It jams with all of them no matter which mag I'm using. It has no problem with fmj's. I like the feel of this gun and it is probably more accurate than any of my other auto's. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what the problem is and what I might do to fix it.

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    Odd from a Sig. If you don't want to send it back I suggest you try Hornaday Critical Defense or Corbon Powerball ammo. They are "filled" hollow points and usually run much smoother than regular HPs. I use them in all my pistols.
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    Damn, sorry to hear that. I've got a P226 .40 and it never fails, it eats everything. All I can think is that maybe you have a weak recoil spring. How old is the weapon and how much use does it have on it?

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    Thanks for the quick replies. I will try those types of ammo in it. I have seen them advertised but have not thought of trying them in this gun. Good Idea!
    I bought the gun about a year ago and it is one that has been refurbished, if that is the right word, by Sig. When I bought it you couldn't tell it had ever been fired. I bought it from the same shop where I buy guns 95% of the time. I have put app. 300 rds through it. How much would a new spring cost and where is the best place to get one?

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    I'd try Brownell's. Their prices are some of the best out there.

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    Call Sig customer service and they will fix it. They will send u a label and their turn around time is usually pretty quick. Good luck.

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    Thanks for all the help guys!!

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    I have a P226 in .40 with about 8000 rounds through it. Mostly handloaded JHPs. (Ranier 180gr) I have never had a problem with this gun or any other Sig. I would try the mag springs. After thinking about using my Kimber as a paperweight I changed all the mag springs and my hollowpoints fed perfectly.

    Good luck.

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