Bloomberg Business.. Glock Article About Tucson
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  1. Bloomberg Business.. Glock Article About Tucson

    Once again guns take the hit, Bloomberg Business Week has a 5 page article focusing on GLOCKS, they and Anti-Gun Kooks tried blaming the tea party, Palin, Rush, NRA, Beck, and anyone else they can think of... except blaming the person who pulled the trigger, the person who choose to kill people, but the kooks try to spin it, and Gaggle about how someone else made him act.
    Austria's Glock has become Americas Weapon of choice, Cops, Second Amendment Enthusiast, and Mass Killers like the Tucson Gunman.

    Full [email protected]
    Glock: America's Gun - BusinessWeek

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    That's the tipicle liberal view. No personal responsability, always some one elses fault. In hind sight it looks like there were plenty of red flags flying and no one took notice. Don't want to violate his civil rights. Why is it the conservative point of view is at fault when these things happen and the liberal point of view is pure as the wind driven snow? If any words are miss spelled here it's my key boards fault.
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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