Kimber Solo 9mm Striker-Fired?
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Thread: Kimber Solo 9mm Striker-Fired?

  1. Talking Kimber Solo 9mm Striker-Fired?

    Anyone aware of this beast yet?

    I visited the Kimber website, looking at goodies for my Tactical Pro, and saw the Solo. 9mm, 17 oz, striker-fired single action micro auto with ambi thumb safety / overall 1911 ergonomics (so claims KIMBER).

    If you've seen one, or a review, or have any input, please share.

    Kimber America Solo

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    I got a chance to handle one on Thursday. I loved it. I'm going to use income tax return for a pair
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  4. Hey, fudo -

    What kinda price where you quoted?
    Did you get to feel the length & weight of trigger pull?

    Pardon my drool...

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    I read some reviews on this new Kimber... and they weren't very good. I would like one but will wait and see if they have any recalls...

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    I believe that the price was $725. It was very good in size & weight.
    War to the Knife, Knife to the hilt.
    If we don't want to live in a trashy area, we all have to be willing to help pick up the trash.

  7. Kimber solo, just what i was waiting for.

    The numbers are not in yet on reliability, but i think this is just what i have been waiting for. I wanted something light to carry everyday, but i didn't want a polymer pistol, because i wanted to be able to change grips. I think 17 oz. is still in a comfortable range. I wanted it to be really nice looking and completely De-horned with really nicely rounded and blended lines. It had to be small, but in at least a 9mm. It also had to have a laser sight option as my eyes are not what they used to be. Another option i wanted was night sights, i heard they will be available at a later date. On you tube i saw some pretty good accuracy out of this beauty. If it turns out to be very reliable, i think they will sell millions of these, and i will have contributed to one or more of those.

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    Kimber Solo Carry

    I just had a chance to see one at the gun store today. They have it in their rental section, where you can rent a pistol and try it out at their range before buying. It fits the hand nicely, and has bright white dots on the sights. The body is aluminum and the slide stainless steel. The trigger pull is super -- not too heavy or long. I like the ambi mag release (I am a lefty), and it has a thumb safety. I didn't have time today, but plan to rent & fire it next time out. The down side is that the delivery estimate is 4 - 6 MONTHS, so if I decide to get one there will be quite a wait. They recommended getting on the list as soon as possible if deciding to buy. Another drawback is the $649 price! Perhaps it will come down as more are available.
    I'll write more when I've fired it!

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