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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirf_palot View Post
    Thanks. ... But the problem is finding a state (any ideas?) that allows me to handle a firearm without a permit (or residency). Because in NYC & NYS, I think to even touch pistols you need a pistol permit. And yes when I graduate college, I would try to move to a different state.
    Your question would be laughable were it not indicative of such a sad abrogation of rights in New York. What's even worse is that it indicates your rulers have ingrained the belief in young people such as yourself that such a restriction of rights is common.

    Besides New York, I believe Massachusetts requires such a per firearms permit. I think Maryland does as well. Illinois has their Firearms Owner ID card requirement for residents but out-of-state visitors can possess and handle guns without it (stay out of Cook county.) I'm by no means an expert but off the top of my head I can't think of any more states (Hawaii, maybe?) where you'd have to deal with such a silly law. Frankly, such restrictions are totally alien to the part of the USA in which I live.

    A quick google of "handgun instruction" turned up Welcome to Gun For Hire New Jerseys Largest Defensive Firearms Training Facility - NRA Classes, SORA Ceritification, Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle Courses, Florida CCW Permit, Utah CCW Permit, Your Fire Arms Training Center with a range "minutes from NYC." I know nothing about them other than that they have a good presentation on anice-looking website but it offers a toll-free number you can call with questions. The fact that they advertise being close to NYC would seem to indicate there is no problem with a non-Jersey resident shooting there.

    Should you feel like traveling a third of the way across the continent, Tim Oliver's LEARN TO CARRY - Missouri Concealed-Carry Courses, MO CCW Permit Classes, Info, News in Columbia, MO is a terrific instructor and Black Ops School Of Combat in West Plains, MO is practically a neighbor to me; Greg's range is about 3 miles by crow flight from my house. Greg is also a pretty solid Glock devotee but you'd have no problem whatsoever borrowing and shooting a variety of handguns/calibers from Hi-Powers to Hi-Points in this area. Heck, during deer and turkey season the local paper publishes the pictures of boys and girls as young as eight with the animals they harvested and the rifle/shotgun they used. The first 4H shooting sports meeting we had (several years ago) I asked how many of the fifty youths (including three eight-year old girls) had their own rifle; all but three, including the three girls, raised their hands. Yes, the eight-year old girls had their own rifles. It's common when visiting the local unmanned MDC shooting range at the White Ranch state forest 20 minutes from here to encounter other shooters and almost invariably said shooters will offer their new acquaintance a chance to try a few shots through whatever they're shooting. As I said, where I live is a totally alien environment compared to what you've come to view as "normal" growing up in NYC. Here a gun is just another tool like a chainsaw to be respected but not restricted.

    If that site doesn't work out, do as I did and google for handgun instruction or firearms instruction or similar terms and I'm sure you'll find a suitable number in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, or somewhere else within at least weekend driving distance. When you find some that look promising, call and explain your situation and ask if they have the option of letting you try different makes/models/calibers of handguns. You'll find some place suitable.

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    I COMPLETELY diagree with the advice to get a 22lr first.

    Find a range and rent a 38 revolver and a 9mm semi-auto. (Better yet, find a GOOD instructor and take a handgun class.)

    A revolver is very easy to manipulate; and a 38 revolver will make a good HD/SD weapon. A 9mm semi-auto is aurguably the "best" SD handgun you can buy.

    A semi-automatic handgun is slightly more difficult to manipulate; and may take you a "little" more time to become proficient and comfortable with it's operation.

    Regardless of what handgun you choose, I recommend finding a good instructor & taking classes. I've also heard that taking firearms classes also helps with "favorability" on a NY application.

  4. Thanks FOr all the advice.

    Btw, might be a bit late but Happy Chinese New Year Everybody and may Good Fortune be bestowed on all of you.

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    Don't forget to let us all know how this turns out for you, i.e., what you finally decide to do and what handgun you end up getting. ;)

  6. a final note

    Quote Originally Posted by Sirf_palot View Post
    Thanks FOr all the advice.
    Sirf, gun owners are as opinionated and defensive of their particular favorites as car owners. All of this is very confusing for the beginner.
    I'd suggest you read all you can. Look up the on-line magazines of "Guns & Ammo" at THE online destination for firearm enthusiasts!, also check out Guns Magazine. Read the many fine articles on the different types of guns to get as much info as you can. Read the ad's as well as the articles; you need to educate yourself rather than just listening to the cacaphony of voices here. Try to figure out the general class (semiauto, revolver, etc) and caliber of gun you are looking for, as well as a general budget. Don't forget that the budget also should include a good holster, training ammo, cleaning kit, etc. You don't have to spend a fortune, but don't go cheap either.

    I don't know if they allow gun shows in NYC, but if so, I would encourage you to go to one, even if it means going to LI or somewhere else outside the city to do it. Don't buy anything, just walk around and handle as many different guns as possible. Find several that fit your hand well and fall into your general price range.

    You should absolutely be going to a range. Rent different kinds of guns to see where your preferences lie so that you'll be prepared when it's time to make your purchase.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by dadoo View Post
    I don't know if they allow gun shows in NYC, but if so, I would encourage you to go to one, even if it means going to LI or somewhere else outside the city to do it. Don't buy anything, just walk around and handle as many different guns as possible. Find several that fit your hand well and fall into your general price range.
    Middletown gun show coming up--Feb. 19th & 20th at the Orange County Fairgrounds.

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