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    Question Mil-Spec 1911 Question

    Can someone tell me what the difference is when purchasing a mil-spec 1911 and one that is not
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    I believe that the Mil-Spec is a "no frills" 1911 A1 type forty-five. You might check: M1911 pistol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Mil-Spec simply means 'Military Specification'. A mil-spec 1911 is configured according to the military specifications for the 1911 as established by the War Department... What is now the Department of Defense.

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    If a milspec simply means military specification or no frills why are they more money Are they just made better

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    If it states milspec they are to have certain requirements above and beyond the normal "commercial off the shelf" (COTS) capabilities. Say they want 99.9999% reliability, and they define how to measure that reliability. But there is no guarantee that it is for the US military. It is just a way for the manufactures to produce a "no frills" product that has met the milspec and then because it meets that testing; then it will cost you more at the checkout line.
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    Real mil-spec stuff costs more money than non mil-spec stuff does. Why? because military specs (what we call mil-spec) requires a lot of inspecting,measuring and testing.
    If you want the good stuff, dont expect to pay the lowest price. And take any claim of mil spec with a grain of salt. Perhaps what we need is a new standard, a close to milspec or 80 percent of milspec that manufacturers can use.

    Now a manufacture could rightfully claim thier parts or even guns were made to mil-spec. A further example: you can make a car to Nascar Specs, but unless it has actually been on a Nascar track, in a race, it isnt a real Nascar vehicle. The same holds tru with mil-spec guns.
    In the case of Colt Ar rifles, Colt takes several from each production batch and tests them for 6,000 rounds. Does Bobs house of ARs do that. Even if you assembled a gun with all mil-spec parts that were all themselves meeting mil-spec you would not necessarily have built a mil spec gun.

    Technically, none are truly mil-spec unless they are once or currently owned by the Goverment. What makers of guns mean is thier parts would pass the mill-spec testing and inspection if they got that far. What most makers really mean by mill-spec is this: "It looks like the real thing, you have have no way of knowing if it isnt, and i do not have the tools to tell. So buy it because the price is right.

  8. "Mil spec" is more about a set of tolerances and very basic features nowadays.

    Today, it means a basic 1911- flat mainspring housing, non beavertail grip safety, fixed sights (3 dot sights are out there but most are flat black), a right side only thumb safety that is NOT extended, a non adjustable, solid trigger, a slide lock with the non extended thumb pad, a mag button that's not oversized or extended, no beveling or extension on the mag well, checkered wood or plastic grips, ect...

    Tolerance wise, it's not going to be 'tight'. It will probably rattle a little if you shake it side to side and you should be able to remove the barrel bushing with your fingers (not a tool) but the barrel shouldn't move if you push down on the chamber area when the slide is forward. This means the slide fit is a bit loose for reliability when shot while the gun's dirty but the barrel lugs and the bushing are fitted tight 'enough' to be reliable but not so tightly fitted that they will give maximum accuracy.

    Basically, it should WORK and shoot reliably. Accuracy won't be 1 inch at 25 yards like a match tuned gun but it should go BANG every time and feed and eject 230gr 'Ball' or round nose ammunition all day, every day with a consistent level of accuracy.

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