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Thread: Springfield Armory XD9 Sub-Compact Experiences?

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    Can you find a place or a friend that will let you shoot one. I've never had a limp wristing problem so I can't speak about that. My wife however --shoots from her wheelchair and she has all kinds of problems with semi autos--so I got her a couple revolvers. She has shot my xd's many times at the range and has never had any kind of failure--other than she can't rack the slide on ANY semi auto so I have to do that for her
    A couple days ago someone contacted me to offer me to try their gun. We met up on Wednesday to where I could shoot a few rounds. They also had the Supertuck Crossbred holster which I have been wanting to look at. I was glad to see the holster.

    When I went to shoot with the gun I used bullets my brother had. The first shot didn't fire. The guy said he has never had that problem before after owning it for a year. He said after looking at the bullet, he said it was due to cheap bullets my brother had. He also claimed had nothing to do with my wrist. After that incident, I had no more issues with the bullets I brought and shot a few rounds of bullets the guy brought which he said were better bullets and not cheap type like I had. I could feel the difference. He practices on a weekly basis and he said he never seen what happened happen before. The bullet didn't fire but came apart in chamber and the next round tried to load in the chamber. Other than that, I like the gun and glad I had the opportunity to to try it out as well as seeing the holster I was wanting to get. This was the XD 9 sub compact I tried. He also showed me how easy it is to take it apart to clean it too.

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  4. Check and see how many people that own XDs own more than one :) I have 2 XD .40 SubCompacts just in case one needs service.

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    I have an XD9 SC. Carry it almost every day. Shoot it every chance I can. Never had one problem with it. I usually shoot Rem. UMC FMJ at the range with not one problem. Great gun, feels real good in the hand. I also have a sight laser on it.

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    I was going to ask if anyone carries a XD(m) .40 compact & what they thought of it? How does it shoot, how is it for carrying?, etc. I've shot the 9mm and liked it. From the sounds of it, people are not having many problems with them. I'm looking to purchase the .40 compact & looking for a little feedback. Thanks.
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    XD 9, Subcompact carried every day for 4 years now. Has bean drug in the mud and rock working on vehicles. Has gotten wet in the rain, full of grass, and dust while cutting grass, and weed whacking.
    Still works great, looks are a little rough but has a lot of character.

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    Xdm 40

    Hi all, I bought an xdM 40 last year and was suprised and pleased. Being and old Marine, have a habit of seeing how tough firearms are. so I put all kinds of different ammo through the pistol and it ate it all, except some really cheap stuff, only had few Fail to feed. Accuracy was really good, and recoil was nice. What really impressed me was cleaning and inspecting every hundred rounds (put 500 through it one day), was the tale sign of the engenerring, still tight and no apparent burrs or wear. Looking to get a S&W MP 40 to compare it too.

  9. I own and carry an XD40 Sub Compact. I have found it to be an exceptionally reliable and easy to carry pistol. I did find that it took some getting used to. The sharp recoil of the .40 S&W is particularly pronounced in the lighter weight and short barrelled Sub Compact. It does tend to have a pronounced muzzle flip. I find that replacing the magazine base plates with a pinky wedge increased my ability to control recoil without sacrificing concealment.

    I think that for those who are comfortable with carrying and shooting .40 it is a great pistol. However, the slightly decreased recoil and reduced "impulse" of the 9mm round would provide a better match with the subcompact pistol. Ultimately it comes down to what you are comfortable shooting on a regular basis.

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    1 xdm 9 3.8, 1 xd 9 sc

    I have fired over 4000 rounds through the XDM with only 1 ftf. ( A round with a hole in the case and no powder. ) 2200 rounds through the Xd with no problems. The XD is my EDC and the XDM is used when I open carry. Tried other guns they just don't feel as good in my hand.
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    i have a xd-40 sub com and its my ccw. love it. i had the very first xd when they changed the name to xd insted of the hs2000 i think it was called b4. only issue was pitting on the slide and grip safety. the "new one" i have now has yet to have a single issue at all. very happy with it.

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