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Thread: Springfield Armory XD9 Sub-Compact Experiences?

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    A couple days ago someone contacted me to offer me to try their gun. We met up on Wednesday to where I could shoot a few rounds. They also had the Supertuck Crossbred holster which I have been wanting to look at. I was glad to see the holster.

    When I went to shoot with the gun I used bullets my brother had. The first shot didn't fire. The guy said he has never had that problem before after owning it for a year. He said after looking at the bullet, he said it was due to cheap bullets my brother had. He also claimed had nothing to do with my wrist. After that incident, I had no more issues with the bullets I brought and shot a few rounds of bullets the guy brought which he said were better bullets and not cheap type like I had. I could feel the difference. He practices on a weekly basis and he said he never seen what happened happen before. The bullet didn't fire but came apart in chamber and the next round tried to load in the chamber. Other than that, I like the gun and glad I had the opportunity to to try it out as well as seeing the holster I was wanting to get. This was the XD 9 sub compact I tried. He also showed me how easy it is to take it apart to clean it too.
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    Awesome gun. I carry one almost daily (I switch between a Glock 23 and my XD). I have over 1500 rounds through mine and it hasn't skipped a beat. You cannot go wrong with an XD!

  4. I've had 3 XD's.....two 9s and one 45c. Loved 'em except that when loaded to the gills they're heavy. Am now carrying a Kimber Compact Stainless II (with a much better belt) or a Kahr PM9.

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    Love my XD .45 5". 2000+ rounds fired, not one misfire. All types of ammo. I'll have that gun forever!

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    ftf + failure to fire.
    I have the X 9mm sub and the XDm .40 compact. Will get more. Best handguns I have put in my hands in a long time. the 9mm out shoots my Kimber ultra carry, Sig p226 and both Glocks. Those are all BUGs now XDs have kicked them to the curb. Over 2000 rnds throught the 9mm and almost 1500 through the .40 I get a woody every time I shoot em.
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    I own three XD pistols...

    XD45 Compact
    XD9 Tactical
    XD40 Service with V10 porting OD green

    Awesome guns! I wanna get a sub compact in .40 now too.

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