The Gun I love To carry
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Thread: The Gun I love To carry

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    The Gun I love To carry

    I carry a Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special 1911 .45ACP everyday of my life.

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    Awful pricey but nice looking piece. Have said that before but in a completely different context. Any PIC's?
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    I carry several different ones depending on the occasion but my favorite is the Ed Brown Kobra Carry .45. Somehow I feel really safe with it, because of it's reliability. Go 1911s!!!

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    Can't wait to get mine!

    Ordered my Les Baer TRS back before Thanksgiving. I hope it's worth the wait. I know it's an awesome gun, but most people I've talked to have never heard of it. Please post some pics... What holster do you use?

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    Colt 1911a1 or Ruger KP90...depends on mood. Both are excellent.

  7. Favorite 1911

    My favorite 1911 is the Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II

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    LOVE My Kimber Pro Carry II, best piston I have ever owned. I have primarily owned SIG's for 20 years, nothing compares to my 1911, I won't ever look back.

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    I have put a pic on my album but it isn't a very good one. I hope to take some better ones later. Most of the time I carry a Milt Sparks Versa Max II inside the waistband holster. I also own a Galco SS2 shoulder holster. My strongside hip holster is a Bianchi. They are all 3 quality holsters but my favorite is my Milt Sparks. For maximum concealed you can't beat an IWB holster. With that holster my 5 inch 1911 literally disappears under a t-shirt.

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    With it's low bore axis and near perfect ergonomics the 1911 is clearly the ultimate combat pistol.

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    I plan to buy my wife a Kimber Pro Carry when the tax money rolls in.

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