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    I've owned mine for about 9 months now. I haven't had a single problem with it. It's accurate, nicely priced and reliable for me.

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    The gun shoots good, its just the fit and finsh that sucks.

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    This is my SS PHave pt1911. Have put 1000 rounds through it. including FMJ, JHP also +P. Have not had one problem with it. I have complete faith in it and will use it as my carry gun. Springfield 1911 are also made in Brazil along with others.

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    I have a PT1911 and It is great. For the price it is unbeatable and it has never given me any problems. I pull the trigger and it makes noise. Custom at an entry level price. I sell lots of these and have no complaints from my customers. I get to shoot about two three times a week and I shoot it about half of that. I have other 1911's and I rank this one at the top. I paid 1/4th the price of my most expensive one.

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