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    Question taurus 1911

    has anyone got one of the taurus 1911's. how do they stack up in quality and reliability?

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    I do not have a Taurus 1911. I do have a Taurus p140pro. Despite what you may have heard about them, mine has been 100% reliable. I have never had a failure of any kind with it. I have heard nothing but good about their 1911. If no one here has one check out www.taurusarmed.net. They had a section specific to the 1911. i haven't been there since this great site was started though.

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    No +p to be shot in the taurus 1911. This is from the company.

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    I bought one when they first came, and had horrendous feeding problems that seemed to just get worse. Really liking the overall feel of the pistol I disassembled and polished and throated the barrel. I have put 1500-2000 rounds through it sense, without a hiccup, Including hp's and several +p's
    You won't find better for the price. A squeaky thing yet has a crisp trigger and the safety engages better than some of the higher end 1911's i've shot. Overall a accurate well priced priced gun.

  6. There is no free lunch.

    The money you save by buying a Taurus is because Taurus uses softer metal and the insides aren't as good as the nice outside appearance.

    I spent about $200 more and bought a Springfield "Loaded" Model. It doesn't look as nice as the Taurus, but I believe it will hold up better to the repeated abuse I give a gun.

    That is not to say that every firearm has to be some uberexspensive custom job either. There are good values out there, you just have to look.


    The above article sums it up for me.


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    The Taurus is my first1911. I had horrid problems with the ambidextrous safety and the Taurus service is pitiful.

    Now that it is finally fixed it's a great gun. Several of the experts at my gun club who have shot it like it a lot and some of these guys have Kimbers, and some of the high priced custom 1911's.

  8. I don't have a Taurus 1911, but I do have the PT140 and a Springfield Mil-Spec 1911. I like both guns but IMO the Springfield is a superior firearm. Not one hiccup in 700+ rounds.

    The Taurus .40 is a new purchase and has only about 200 rounds through it. Although I have not experienced any failure to feeds or jams I have had several "light strikes". It's kind of annoying to pull the trigger 3 or 4 times before the round fires. For now, I'm attributing that to the break-in period.

    I still like Taurus (especially their little .38's), I just think for a few bucks more, the Springfield 1911's are worth it. Especially considering there are several "no frills" 1911's from Springfield that are comparable in price to the Taurus. (GI issue and Mil-spec parkerized)

    But, I haven't shot a Taurus 1911 so what do I know? (=
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    Smile Taurus 1911

    I just read a very good review in one of the Handgun Mags ( cant remember which ) by Clint Smith. He and his group put over 5,000 rounds through a PT1911 and had no problems, he gave high marks to the Taurus. Ive got a PT111 Millenium Pro. Ive got around 700 rounds through it without a hiccup. High dollar doesnt always mean high quality.

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    thanks for all the information, if anyone else has any experience with them please let me know if it was good or bad

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    I bought one last November, but I haven't been able to fire it yet. I'm waiting for the last three feet of snow to melt. Not having an indoor range here makes it difficult to get out and fire, given the amount of snow that we typically get.

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