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Thread: Review Charter Arms .357 Mag Pug DOA

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    Review Charter Arms .357 Mag Pug DOA

    I was looking for a rugged modist priced stainless DOA revolver for every day carry. Something that would get the jod done if needed but also something I would not worry about banging around and getting dirty, leaving in the cars lock box, ect. I found the CA Pug on line for $303 and took a chance. I am glad I did. I have been carrying it now for about a month and have shot it a good deal with the four loads in the pic. Two are full house .357 Mag hand loads. The other two are factory .38 +P Gold Dot and hand loaded 158 grain wad cutter. It handled them all well and with more than acceptable accuracy. The flash/boom with the mags is something to see but the grips and ported barrel make them managable and possible to keep on target. All in all its was a good buy for the money. I dont carry it with the .357 Mags but stay witht the factory .38 Gold Dots. I posted this because it was hard to find any real feed back on line so I felt it may help someone who was looking for a CCW along these lines.

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    Nice review!

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    Thanks for the write-up, Guzz. I have been looking for something along these lines for my Mom. Can you comment on the recoil?
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    Nice looking piece, and you can't beat $303 for a .357. I like the looks of the grip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomboy007 View Post
    Thanks for the write-up, Guzz. I have been looking for something along these lines for my Mom. Can you comment on the recoil?
    Its is very stout with 357 Mag Loads. Some less so with 38+P loads. The grips help a lot and so does the ported barrel. I would say that its about the same with the Magnums as my wife's S&W 38 Bodyguard is with 38+P ammo. For practice she uses padded shooting gloves with wad cutters and a few +P loads to finish up. For carry she uses the Gold Dot loads just as I do. For a lady I would think the Mag Pug with its larger grips, extra weight and ported barrel should work pretty well. The 38/357 snubbies all recoil pretty hard but with some shooting time you get used to it.

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