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  1. My New .357

    Don't get me wrong, I love my RIA 1911's and carry my compact model constantly; however, I wanted a wheelgun. I had a Rossi J-frame .38, but the grip is pretty small and it's hard to control with my big hands. So I sold that and got an EAA Windicator .357.

    Steel frame, 6-rounds of .357 or .38, and only about 250.00. Finding a good holster took some searching, but I finally settled on a Don Hume H721. The gun is, basically, an L-Frame and the hoster fits great.

    Trigger pull in SA is light and crisp and in DA it isn't bad either; I don't have a guage to test it. The solid frame keeps .357 ammo manageable and .38's have almost no recoil at all.

    Now I just hope my Rocks don't get jealous if they get left at home a bit more often now.

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    if you can, post a review on it with more info. I'm interested in purchasing one.

    also where did you get it? at a local gun store or online?

    looks very nice.

  4. Nice. Everyone needs a good 357 wheel gun. I have a Ruger SP101. Rock Solid. Glad to hear a good review for the EAA. Looks like a good truck gun.

  5. Windicator

    Hey Stingray,

    I got this at the Mesquite Big Town gun show in January.
    The Windicator is made by the Weirauch (pronounced Y-ROCK) company in Germany and distributed by EAA. They've been making this gun for more than 25 years, virtually unchanged. That's probably why you won't find too many recent reviews, it's not a new gun.
    The Windicator comes in .38spl, built on an alloy frame, or .357 in an all steel frame; the pistol comes in either a 2" or 4" barrel.
    At the range, I shot about 100 rounds of 38 and 50 rounds of 357, in a variety of bullet types (lead, HP, FMJ, etc).
    In single action firing, the trigger felt much like my 1911, light and crisp, but even in double action the trigger was not bad. I was able to shoot double-taps with the first round in SA and the second in DA and the groupings were very close. 357's were quite manageable, due to the heavier steel frame and my big hands, and with 38's you barely felt the recoil.
    The blueing was was even overall and the only manufacturing issue I found was that the steel around the front of the barrel was a bit rough. It could have used a bit more buffing to smooth it out, but hey, it's an under 300.00 357 magnum.
    All in all, a solid gun at a reasonable price. What more could you want?

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    Very nice wheelgun, sir. A complete range report is expected.

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