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Thread: Favorite Handgun?

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    FNP 9

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    I love all of them....even the new I don't have yet! 😜

  4. Favorite one.... the one(s) I have with me when I need it (them).

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    Favorie handgun

    I held another ccw license class on Saturday March 17th.

    The firearms that were brought to the class included a Smith Model 59, a 380 Makarov (SP?), several charter arms 5 shot revolvers and a Beretta Model 92.

    When the class left, after classroom instruction and live fire drills they settled on a the Smith and Wesson Model 642 or Model 442.

    The class ranged from Hospital Admnistrators to Property Managers.
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    My Sig 229 9mm or Glock 19 get the nod for carry but for everything else it is my Sig P226R 9mm SCT and it's 4 20 round magazines. :)

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    My favorite pistol is a Browning hi-power my Dad left me. My favorite carry is a Glock 30 (45), or when dressed real light, my little Kel-tec P-11 (say what you want about my P-11, but I have shot hundreds of rounds with no problem; did have to get used to trigger pull)
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    Glock 19c...Accurate, concealable and always goes bang!! as well as my Glock 26, lol

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    Well Ryan from top to bottom M&P pro 40 (sweeter then sweet) ,Browning BDA 380 (winter & winter carry) , SP101 (winter carry) , Beretta Bobcat .22 (summer carry)and all the rest are because I LOVE them ! Sounds like you need to shot more Do it !

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    Don't have a favorite, really. For carry I use a Colt 1991 Officer Model. For Hunting I use a S&W 629 or 686. Small game and plinking a Ruger MKI standard or target model or a K-22.
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    My favorite is my every day carry..sig sauer p238 equinox!

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