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Thread: Favorite Handgun?

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    My favorite handgun is Ruger SS Security Six with 4 inch barrel.....
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  3. A Colt Combat Commander or Officer for EDC and a S&W 19 4" and a S&W 629 3" in the round guns.

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    Everyda carry LC9 with Galloway Precision trigger modification, love it.

  5. Favorite

    Overall: sig p226 chambered in. 40 sw. For concealed carry glock 30. Home defense sig 556 with eotec.

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    This is going to sound cliche, but: 1911.

    Nothing else gives me that feeling. The one that says "this is the gun for me"

    I love holding them, shooting them, tinkering with them, and just looking at them!

    By far, my favorite handgun of all time...
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    Glock 19 is my favorite...small enough to conceal and just feels right in my hand.
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    My carry weapon is a Taurus PT 1911 45cal., my off duty weapon is a Taurus PT145 45cal.

  9. I would have to say my favorite would be my Glock 26. It’s easy to shoot and maintain, and easy to conceal.

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    My Sig sp2022. Fixing to get a Sig 250 and I will see how that one works. Both are .40 cal

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    colt combat commander

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