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Thread: Favorite Handgun?

  1. Ruger sr9c. Solid gun, excellent ergonomics, looks good, its versatile, and Ruger employs American workers. And its accurate as all heck for a 3 inch barrel...

  3. Berretta M9 (92FS) accurate and feels great

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    Hey everyone.
    So far my favorite pistol is the FN FNP-45 Tactical. The only modifications I made was adding a red-dot sight to the slide. That coupled with the incredibly smooth cycling of the action and feed made it a nail driver. After only my first 2 magazines I could drive a full 15 round magazine into a 6 inch reactive target at 30-45 ft with hardly any hesitation between shots. Unfortunately I had to sell mine to pay for some emergency car bills, so I'm currently in mourning for the loss. However, I plan on buying a new one before too long. :-)

    Other than that, I love my Beretta M9. I'm working on a number of customizations for it and will post pictures once I can get everything purchased and installed.

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    Automatic-Ruger Mark II with 6" bull barrel
    Revolver-Ruger New model Super Blackhawk with 10 1/2" barrel

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    My Glock Model 19g, balanced & stout.

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    This is a tough one... I think I have a different favorite for every day of the week. First and foremost, I like my series 70, national match gold cup. :)

    I think my current favorite is a tie between my G21 and G33...

    the tough choices in life...

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    I love my H&K P30

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    Ruger P89 DC Has been my overall favorite. With the gun in my avatar as a second. Ruger SPNY

  10. Love my Bersa Thunder .380 cc.

  11. Bersa Thunder .380 or my Ruger SR9c 9mm both are great!

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