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Thread: Favorite Handgun?

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    I love my SW model 19, 357 it's over 25 yrs old and I will keep it forever. I only shoot it a few time a yr now, but it's fun to shoot
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    My Favorite

    My favorites are what I carry, a ruger lcp in my pocket and a smith model 340 when I leave the house.

    If your firearm is not comfortable to carry you will not have it when you need it.

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  4. I have loved from the start of my understanding of guns, the Beretta 92fs. I carry one for duty, and I conceal it with a large t-shirt mexican carry front for CC. It is and always will be my favorite weapon. Unless I happen to get my hands on a 1911 that saw action at Normandy. But that's what they call a DREAM gun.

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    Glock 30 I originally conceal carried it as a state officer. It became part of me so I still carry it, only as licensed civilian now. Best shooting pistol of all I had. Thousands of rounds without a hitch.

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    Range/nightstand 1911 4 inch with an aluminum frame, (can double as back up ccw)
    Carry glock 36
    9mm xdm
    Revolver k frame 357
    Rifle ar15

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    My favorite pistol is the one I have with me when I need it, I have several that I swap out, depending on the day, ......after several trys with differant guns, I wanted a 3in 1911, I think I finaly got one that runs, and runs the way its supposed to, I tryed a small Sig, Para, Springfield and a Kimber, all 3 inchers, a couple of them would be better used as a club, my gun guy got a couple of Colt defenders in the other day, and I got all excited again, so we got one and I guess I got lucky, 270 rds and the only hickup is my wife limped it a couple of times, mt grandaughter and I had no trouble

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    Favorite carry: Kimber Ultra CDP 45
    Favorite Hunting pistol: Thompson Contender, .375JDJ Super14 Magnaport

  9. glock for dependabilty,if you want to go around showing all your friends get something else

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    S&W M&P40 Cabela's exclusive two tone with black and flat dark earth. Love this weapon.
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  11. Like both my Bersa Thunder .380 and my Ruger SR9c.

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