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Thread: Favorite Handgun?

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    Yep, The sr9c is becoming quite popular. My nephew just picked one up recently and loves it. I looked it over pretty good myself and can't find anything about it I don't like either.
    yep, my wife and daughter both have one. I actually quite like the gun myself.
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    Funny thing is I bought one earlier this year to be able to teach kids how to shoot and found myself loving the sr9c. My favorite is really any handgun.

  4. Have an SR9c and really like it.

    Bersa Thunder .32
    Bersa Thunder .380

    all are carry guns

  5. Was the Ruger LCP, becoming the Beretta PX4 9 compact.

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    My new S&W MP Shield 9 mm...easy to conceal, nice and thin for inside the waistband, and accurate to shoot.

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    Well I just acquired a Springfield XD-S 45. It is a close finish with my duty weapon, a S&W SD40. Both are great weapons but the XD-S is so lightweight and concealable and smooth shooting. Of course can't carry XD-S on duty but I will trust my life with it off duty.

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    I only own 2, but including those and what I've rented, my favorite is the Ruger SR9C. It is accurate, comfortable to shoot, fits nicely in my hand. I also like my American Arms CX22 for plinking, but if ammo costs were the same, I would probably never put my Ruger down. I'd actually like to get whole SR set. :) I also enjoyed shooting a rented S&W M&P9C. If that hadn't fallen off the list, I would have probably bought that before trying the Ruger.
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    My tastes have changed, I much prefer revolvers now and if I had to pick one that I own it'd be my Model 15.
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  10. Definitely Glock. I competitively shoot the 34 and carry the 22.

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  11. I only compact or subcompact pistols. My largest is the G19 but my best shooting Glock is my 30S and my best shooting pistol is my Ruger SR9C. I like several but it's probably my little Sig P938.

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