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  1. AS much as I like a 1911, the FN or Browning Hi-Power (I've owned both and the only difference usually is the stamping on the slide and where it was assembled) has that special place in my heart all staked out.

    My favorite revolver is a DAO Rossi 720 (5 shot .44 Special with a 3 inch full underlug). That's also my favorite concealed carry revolver. It's small enough to tote and conceal, albeit a bit on the heavy side since it is a steel frame but powerful enough to do something if you need it.

    Following close to it for pure fun on the range are my Dan Wesson .357's (plural, I have 2- one with adjustable sights and 4, 6, and 8 inch barrels and a fixed sight version with a 2 inch and a 4 inch) because they are just so damn accurate. The adjustable sight Dan Wesson is scary accurate at long range if you put one of the longer barrels on it and even the fixed sight gun with the 2 inch barrel on it can ring steel out to 100 if you do your part. The only wheelgun that comes close to those 3 that I have owned was the Smith and Wesson Performance Center 625-4 (.45ACP) with the 5 inch full underlug that was stolen in a burglary back in '98.

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    My favorite daily carry is <no surprise> the one I carry...Sig 229 with .40S&W bbl.

    And just to change things up a bit, my two favorite long-range "handguns" are:

    Weatherby Mark V CFP in 7mm-08 Remington

    Remington XP-100 in 6.5-284 Winchester

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    My GP100 4" I bought back in the mid 80s and my German Walther PPK/s from the same period. However I really think my favorite handgun I haven't bought yet, there are so many I still want.

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    My favorite is my older model Bersa Thunder .380. I have about 800 rounds thru it and it still runs like a top.

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    Great choices guys!! I have shot another revolver that I REALLY liked but I can't remember the brand name off the top of my head. It starts with a D and I'm pretty sure it's German. I have shot my friends dads .357 S&W that he uses for concealed carry. It's from 1963 I think and has the original grip on it, it's very similar to a Hogue grip.

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    I guess I'm a "gun whore" because all of my guns are my favorites! I'm still looking for other "favorites" to add to my collection!
    Daily carry: Sig P239 or S&W 3913
    High Noon Horsehide holster
    Black Talon ammo

  8. Springfield XDm 40 or Kel-Tec P40 depending on how I am dressed!

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    Gotta go with my Glock 23

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    Auto CC/SD/HD - Sig P220 Elite
    Revolver CC/SD - Ruger LCR 357 or S&W M&P 340
    Revolver HD - S&W 686 4 inch
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    Quote Originally Posted by rushfan24 View Post
    I have shot another revolver that I REALLY liked but I can't remember the brand name off the top of my head. It starts with a D and I'm pretty sure it's German.
    I might go out on a limb and guess Deutsche Werke which produced pistols that became popular in America between WW I and WW II. But I'm not sure the company produced any revolvers...maybe only semi-autos.

    Or maybe DWM (Deutsche Waffen and Munitionsfabriken)?

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