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    My husband's Sig 1911, bought it for him for Christmas 2 years ago and want it back.
    Springfield XD sub-compact in 9mm for carry
    For fun, I have 3 that I like equally: Browning Buckmark because it was my first (we always have a soft spot for our first), Ruger 10/22 breakdown because it's so portable as well as fun, and the AR-15 my husband built for me (which makes it really special) because it's accurate, intimidating looking, fun to shoot, and Diane Feinstein doesn't like it. Plus, black is very slimming. A gal has to think about that, you know.
    "I would like to see every woman know how to handle guns as naturally as they know how to handle babies." Annie Oakley

  3. I think the Bersa 380's are really underappreciated considering their price and quality. Thunder .45 is great also, although the magazines are pricey.

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    More Bang for Your Buck -------Best Handguns under $500.00

    Bang for your buck: Best handguns under $500 - Photos - Washington Times

    Glad to see Ruger had 4 out of the 12 listed. I can attest to the great SR9 as you might guess.

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