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    Right now it will be my Kimber SIS 4", My Glock 22 is also a toss up. Depends on how i feel that day. Although lately i have an itch for a new 9mm, Old Berretta is starting to get tired. CZs and SIGs have been getting my attention. That S&W 380 body guard is looking good also.

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    Sig P226 west german trpled serial number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felix View Post
    I might go out on a limb and guess Deutsche Werke which produced pistols that became popular in America between WW I and WW II. But I'm not sure the company produced any revolvers...maybe only semi-autos.

    Or maybe DWM (Deutsche Waffen and Munitionsfabriken)?
    No I don't think it was that, but nice try! I think i's like Do something, but I can't really remember.

  5. carry GLOCK 27

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    Since I mostly pocket carry, my two fav's are my 9mm PT709ss & my .380 PT738ss. Just remember, the whole idea of cc isn't to take out BG's, it's to make them wish they'd never seen you!
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    My favorite carry pistols are Ruger 380 and Smith model 340

    Favorite home pistols are glocks.

    Pat Olvey
    email [email protected]

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    Depending on attire or mood, a Ruger SP101 .357 or a Springfield XD40SC.

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    hey all i'm new to this site, but i just recently purchased a taurus p111 .45, and i think that will be my new favorite, i also have a taurus pt92 9mm, and also a s&w 6906 9mm all of which i really like shootin.......

  10. My all time favorite gun is a S&W 1076. Wish I still had mine. Of the ones I own now, my ParaOrdnance P16-40 is currently at the top of the list. Once I get a new 10mm barrel for it, it will definitely be my favorite pistol.


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    my favotite handgun

    For home defense it is a glock 19, I keep several extra loaded mags with it.

    For ccw purposes I carry daily a ruger 380 in my pocket, when I go out I put on my estastic wrap around and put my 5 shot smith airweight with concealed hammer.

    The concealed hammer stops it from snagging when being removed.

    I am a great believer in carrying what is comfortable and what I will not find inconvenient to wear.

    Hope this helps

    Pat Olvey
    email [email protected]
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Hamilton County

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