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    "..You must NOT have a favorite weapon." -Miyamoto Musashi


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    favorite pistol

    Guns and Ammo Magazine came today.

    On the cover is the new Ruger LC9. I read through the article and mentally compared it with the other semi auto pistols I own.

    The manual safety on the Ruger could present problems for me. My glocks and kel tecs and even my Ruger LCP does not have a safety on it.

    Going back to what I have mentioned previously, if you have trained with a semi with no external safety and (then start carrying one with the safety on (they put it there for you to use it) you will have a failure in not being able to release the safety during stress and tunnel vision.

    Just my 0.2 cents, hope it helps

    Pat Olvey
    email [email protected]
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Hamilton County

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    It is hard to say what my fave is as i have 36 357 45lc 45acp 22lr i guess my fave is the one on my belt today

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    My favorite pistol has to be my HK USP Compact 9mm. It is my daily carry and I love it. My favorite to look at has to be my Jericho 941. There are three more guns that I don't own but love, a Colt SAA 45, MK 23, and an FN Five seveN.

  6. My favorite cold weather is Taurus 24/7 .40 or XD-.40 in a Blackhawk serpa II and warm weather is my Taurus 145 in a smart carry.

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    Well I'm kinda old school. I love my S&W M10 w/4" bull barrel. Love shooting it. I even manage to conceal it from time to time.
    ~ Bill

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    FOr general carry I normally grab my Ruger SP-101. I have added Crimson Trace laser grips and a lighter hammer spring to make it easier to shoot.

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    A custom built Gov't Model.
    War to the Knife, Knife to the hilt.
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    For every day carry currintly Glock 23, but any of my Glocks will do, except maybe the 21 a little big for carry.........Home defence, a 12 gauge on my side of the bed, and a 20 gauge on mamas side, in the car, maybe the 21 and a AK-47, and a Super Redhawk 454 for makeing noise at the range, and a real nice Mosin for gettin way out there

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    Hi boys and girls; New to this site (today) and thought I`d chime in. My daily is a kimber ultra elite 3" .45 acp. Love that piece. I carry a 642 smith with warm weather clothes. One of the former posters said he wished for a colt saa. I`ve had a 5 1/2" .45 LC since 1965. It was born in 1912, sweet gun. I just have too many others to list but they are all favorites.

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