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    Best handgun

    Well, this if very difficult for me as I'm a 1911 lover and own sevral high qualty 1911's and I slobber all over them when ever I get the outthem out of case and the safe.

    Having said that I don't trust my 1911's to fill the bill during combative gunfight. Single stack is a no go for the obvious reasons and If my 1911 goes down during a an excellratd event then I want my gun to run smoothly with out failure and with plenty of ammo to disperse if I'm facing more a few opponents in my "Deadly threat situation"

    I may be or not be pretty decent at reloading drills, but under stress I like to have more rounds than 8 or 9 in my magazine to ward off bad guy's. I only carry one extra mag with my 1911's

    So, with that in mind I tend to ward to the higher capacity H&K pistols in smaler caliber. The USP .40 Smith and P30L with 15 rounds and one in the chamer. At the very least I keep can the scumbags heads down and reload without incident and still hit two or three of them with just pont shooting and some with a two sight pictue.

    I'll take 17 rounds of 9mm Luger anyday over 8 rounds of .45 ACP .

    That's just me ! I'm not a Ninja gunfighter and probably will never.

    "My gun makes me more prepared, not necessarily safer" ~ Unknown
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    CC: Star Firestar M43

    In general handgun: I love the Beretta 92FS

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    I normally carry my kimber ultra elite .45acp but at certain times it will be a s&w 642. My overall favorite is a single action army 1st generation 5 1/2" in 45 long colt.(not for carry) I love all guns.

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    Various 1911 .45s of course, i love M&Ps 9mm's... and that's about it for Favorite handguns... but, I like all of 'em :)
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    Colt 1911 .45 acp and my S&W M&P .357 sig :) !

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    glocks and smith and wesson revolvers
    Pat Olvey, Cincinnati, Ohio
    Hamilton County
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  8. I 2nd that one

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    In position, on target
    SIG 229 40 and M&P 357 SIG.
    Say when.

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    Glock Model 30 and Springfield XD IWB

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    Favorite as in my biggest wish item? a custom Colt M1911 .38 Super +P
    Favorite for all around usability? Sig Sauer P238 Equinox .380ACP
    Favorite. Any that never NEED to be fired, second to that, ANY that save my life.

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