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Thread: Favorite Handgun?

  1. kimber

    Is this the gun you carry all the time? What makes it so special? I have been looking at them so just curious. Thanks

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    My favorite is the one I have on me which could be anything at anytime, if it go's bang when I need it to, it's my favorite!
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  4. My favorite is my glock 23 .40 Cal love to carry it love to shoot it. Love the fact it has never failed

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    Quote Originally Posted by azasadny View Post
    I guess I'm a "gun whore" because all of my guns are my favorites! I'm still looking for other "favorites" to add to my collection!
    Funny... that's what I was thinking. Not only the ones I have now, but the ones I have yet to buy and have bought and sold before.

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    My favorite handgun is my S&W 686 plus revolver in 357mag. It is the sweetest gun to shoot with a trigger like silk. But at 38 ounces and 10 5/8" in length, too much to carry, so I carry a Berreta Px4 compact, or my Glock 36

  7. Outdoors,ATV,horse etc...=G37
    EDC=G26 gen 4
    Range=G17 gen 4
    Glock 19 Gen2,Glock G21 Gen 2.5,Glock 37,Glock 17 gen 4,Glock 26 gen 4,Glock 30,Ruger LC9,Ruger LCP,Walther PPQ,Caracal C,1938 S&W Terrier

  8. PX4 Storm .40cal. was the first semi auto I bought and still my favorite. Its full size and not great for concealed carry but a great gun. I carry it in winter, when i can wear a longer shirt or jacket.
    In summer I carry a Taurus Mellinium Pro. .40cal. Its smaller and easy to carry.

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    Home gun Beretta 96 .40 SW
    CC Springfield XD9 Subcompact
    And I really like the old 1911's

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    I have not purchased any yet... I have been looking into the Sig P250 in .45, the Beretta PX4 Storm in .45, Ruger P345 in of course .45, the FNH FNP .45, and H&K USP .45. I like .45 just because I know it gets the job done. I am also thinking of a good CCW. The CCW can be either in .45 or .40. I have fired 9mm Beretta's, 9mm Sig P229, and a H&K P30 & USP both in 9mm. 9mm is ok it's just not for me.

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    I really like my Dan Wesson Classic Bobtail in 45ACP. It's a 1911 type and all stainless.

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