Favorite Handgun?
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Thread: Favorite Handgun?

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    Favorite Handgun?

    This may have been posted already but I was wondering what your favorite handgun is? You can names as many uses as you want to, such as concealed carry, open carry, or just messing around at the range, or in my case, the back yard haha.

    Favorite Auto pistol- 1911A1 or a customized Colt Commander chambered in .45
    Favorite Revolver- Colt "Snake Guns," preferably the larger calibers, such as the Anaconda, .44 MAG, or the Python, .357.

    I'm not old enough to carry concealed or open, but my uncle used to make me wear his Commander around his house and we would do defensive shooting drills such as the Mozambique or just regular old IDPA set-ups. Note that this was when I was maybe 10? I'm 16 now and still go shooting every once in a while but since my uncle passed in '05 I haven't been out very much. I go with my friends to Camp Perry and shoot with the CMP and I can get maybe a 10 inch group at 600 yards? Don't hate, I haven't shot more than probably 20 rounds of .223 ammo in the past 5 years haha. And sorry for the lengthy post, it's my first so take it easy :P Thanks, Ryan

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    SO far I have to say I Love my CZ75bd... It has a great balance, exposed hammer, decocker and of course is based on the classic HI Power design. I like my dads SIg 226 also, but the CZ feels better in my hand and has less of a kick.

  4. My Glock 36... Closely followed by my NAA Black Widow mag.

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    Carry - Glock 36
    Blasting the target to bits - SW 460XVR Magnum
    Speed - Casipan Arms 45
    Fun - Glock 17 2nd Gen
    Showin' off - Ruger 22/45 slab sided

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    All of my favorite handguns are Glocks.

  7. My Ruger SR40, always!

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    William (Glock) and Harry (Bersa) of course...
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

  9. My Ruger Super Redhawk 454 Casull!

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    My new Kimber Pro Carry II. This one I will NEVER sell, it will be handed down to children and grandchildren. I do wish I still had my original carry, a Sig 220. Unless dire needs arise, I can't see myself selling another pistol.

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    CC=Bersa 380
    Home weapon= Beretta 92

    Hoping soon my CC fav will be a Sig P238.

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