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Thread: My New Purchase Taurus mil pro .45

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    I've had my PT145 for over two years now, and while I haven't fired 1500 rds through it, what I have fired through it, the gun has been problem free. I carry it whenever I'm not carrying my PT709. I have complete confidence in the gun as a trustworthy defensive piece.
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    I know you have your die hard glock and upper end pistol owners and thats fine, but for us working class this is the perfect little piece to use. Doesn't cost alot and is fun to shoot, and bottom line with a CCW weapon is if you have to pull the trigger it goes bang, and so far everytime I have pulled the trigger it went bang.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gpennycuff View Post
    I've got it's little brother, the PT745. I love it--shoots very well and feel very confident with CCW. I knew what everyone said/says about Taurus, but I'm not a gun snob necessarily..... My Taurus rests beside my Glocks, Rugers, etc., so it's in good company.

    If it works for you--ENJOY!
    I'm with you on this one about Taurus pistols. I have always had good service out of ANY that I have owned. The only one I own now is an older Millenium stainless in 9x19, but it has many rounds thru it and runs like a champ. Soon, I may trade it up to one of the Millenium Pros in 9x19, but have not got around to it yet. I kinda like the ol' girl too much. I was CC my LCP today, love that little gun as well.

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