My New Purchase Taurus mil pro .45
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Thread: My New Purchase Taurus mil pro .45

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    My New Purchase Taurus mil pro .45

    So I am thinking about purchasing this as my next gun and was looking for some feedback?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by 9mm-jackson View Post
    So I am thinking about purchasing this as my next gun and was looking for some feedback?
    FYI - Bad link.
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    give her a click now

  5. Nice gun. Popular for CCW. 10+1 rounds of .45 in a small package. Profile is smaller than a Glock 30 with the same capacity. Small/light enough for pocket carry in an Uncle Mike's #4 holster.

    If you get it, spend the extra few bucks to get the stainless slide, it's well worth it.

    Some like, some don't like the manual safety. Many don't like the 2-dot Heinie sights (figure 8 style); get the three-dot style if you can, or plan on replacing the Heinies in the overall buy price.

    Taurus offers an almost identical model, the 24/7 Compact in .45. Basically the same gun but with 12-round mags and so a slightly longer grip.

    Many users add a $10 Hogue Handall slide-on grip sleeve to improve the grip.

    Taurus offers a lifetime guarantee but their customer service gets a LOT of complaints on other forums. Like Kel Tecs, people seem to either get a great gun or a lemon right out of the box.

    You'll find all the info you could ever want at owner's forum

    Good luck. On the Taurus forum it seems like a lot of guys who are into .45 eventually trade up to a Glock 30. If so it's cheaper to do that from the start without buying the Taurus as a 'gateway' gun. Lol.

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    Would love a 12 round mag but the law says in my state anything over 10rds is an automatic felony. Thank you for the review though, I think she is gonna be my baby

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    Get a Springfield XD45 compact instead, you get what you pay for. Taurus produces allot of lemons, and I don't care what anybody says to argue against the fact.
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    Well I own one...

    See my avatar. It is a ton of 45cal fun in a package the same size as a glock 26. It has been flawless with FMJ but the mags are at the limit holding 10rds of 45 and the rounds tend to nose down as the slide strips them out. Hollow points can catch on the feed ramp. I have tried new mag springs and tweaking the feed ramp with no good fix. I carry 1 HP in the pipe and FMJ in the mag. I may try the EFMJ or Corbon Powrball to split the difference.

    If I had it to do over I would look for something else...

    ps. The Heine sights suck. I put in standard 3dot.

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    I'd take an XD 45c, Kahr CW45 or Glock 36 over the Taurus. I just think they are better built weapons than the Taurus.
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  10. Pt 745

    Quote Originally Posted by 9mm-jackson View Post
    So I am thinking about purchasing this as my next gun and was looking for some feedback?
    I've got it's little brother, the PT745. I love it--shoots very well and feel very confident with CCW. I knew what everyone said/says about Taurus, but I'm not a gun snob necessarily..... My Taurus rests beside my Glocks, Rugers, etc., so it's in good company.

    If it works for you--ENJOY!

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    Had my PT 145 since Sept. 2010. Have put about 1500 rds through it, with no problems.

    Like it a lot. Very easy to conceal.
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