Need help with a Rohm RG 23, .22 LR.
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Thread: Need help with a Rohm RG 23, .22 LR.

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    Post Need help with a Rohm RG 23, .22 LR.

    This is kind of a long story, however it all adds up, and gets to the point in the end.
    I now have a handgun however it wasn't the kind of gun I was looking for.
    A few days ago I was telling a friend of mine about wanting to find a new gun, and we got to talking about all the ups, and downs of what you do, and don't want in a new gun, and all that when he stopped and said that he might have one for me, so he goes to the gun safe in his room, and brings back this little snub nosed .22 cal. six shot revolver with a brown plastic handle, hands it to me, and says "if you can get it to work you can have it". I asked him if he was joking, and he said no. so I looked it over, and it was all fouled up with rust, and gunk, and grease, and what not. I tried pulling the hammer back, pulling the trigger, rotating the cylinder, and found it to be completely jammed, and seized up. So I gave him $20 bucks for it, and took it home.
    Well I took it apart, and completely cleaned it, and it actually looks brand new like it's never been used. Well after getting it all cleaned up I got the trigger mechanism, trigger guard, cylinder, and firing pin back in, However I'm having a hell of a time getting the hammer, and hammer spring back on because there's so much tension in the hammer spring. ( about 20 or 30 pounds of tension) So I was hoping that Someone out there has been through this before, and knows how to go about doing this, and can help me with getting this thing back together.
    All I need to do is get the hammer, hammer spring, and handles back on, and I'll hopefully have a working handgun that I can use.

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    It would help to see a picture, since there are many variations of mechanism in revolvers.

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