A fairly good trade....
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Thread: A fairly good trade....

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    A fairly good trade....

    Well, OK. I purchased a 3 screw Ruger Super Blackhawk Flatttop in .44 Mag, 80 series,7.5 inch barrel, absolutely flawless. $375. Showed it to my neighbor, he went "ballistic" ooohing and aaaahing over it. He brought out a Para Ordnance Warthog, .45 cal, 2 mags, box, papers and asked if I wanted to trade straight across. Well, yeah, I want to do that. Since a .44 is usually too much handgun for my purposes tastes and abilities, I got back into the 1911 ownership business for a song. I'm sure I'll have much more use for the Para that I ever would have for the Ruger so just now I'm feeling pretty self satisfied. Please do not take this as a slam on Rugers, I own about a dozen of them and find them to be great for my purposes, it was just too good of a deal to pass on imho.

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    Straight up good trade IMHO! Wish I had a neighbor like that!

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    Great deal!! When both parties are happy, it's a good trade!
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    Congrats! Great deal
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